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Interstellar highways


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This topic explores the idea of having a laser sail network in the local interstellar neighborhood, which is a cool idea, I was expecting it to be something different, like hyperspace lanes or something.

From the Youtuber: Quick note since I didn't say it in the episode, yes you probably would have a mega-array at each star system, probably solar powered, pushing many ships at once up to that first few percent of light, or powering ion drives, or maybe a long mass driver. The first few relays would probably be higher powered too.

Discuss! :)

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You should not forget to place corrupted road police crafts in significant places.
They will stochastically redistribute money resources, implementing necessary inertion.
Without them any accurate economical model which you could compile will be much more unstable. Any insignificant error can cause a positive loopback. Corrupted road officers will extinguish undesired oscilations, taking part of money out.
Note: they must be exactly corrupted, i.e. do this randomly. Otherwise they will be a part of the unstable equilibrium system.

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13 hours ago, monophonic said:

Why not? As long as everybody refrains from building any bypasses in sector ZZ9 plural Z alpha.

I don't think that's terribly likely - in fact I'd venture to say that it may well be infinitely improbable. But just be sure, I'm gonna be making a point of checking any abandoned lavatories for locked filing cabinets. Especially if said lavatories are sporting a sign telling me to beware of spotted felines.

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How many stars [and planets] had to be destroyed to make way for interstellar bypasses?

Note that the interplanetary highway is effectively a real thing and works at [more-or-less] human timescales.  This thing is for an entirely different sort of entity.  I don't think giant sequoias have a lifespan capable of dealing with this thing.  If we launched a probe now, odds are humans won't exist by the time it gets going.

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