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I saw a challenge like this some time ago, but couldn't find it, so...

Simple challenge, simple rules:

Your task is to construct a vehicle in Kerbal Space Program that utilizes no more than one of each part. This means engines, fuel tanks, struts, you name it! Only one of each allowed.

The goal of this challenge is to see what you can come up with under these restrictions. Will you be able to create a space station? A Comms system? Or maybe you'll visit Jool, or Eve, or (God forbid) Dres? It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, we won't judge. Let your creativity flow and see what obscure craft you can create! Post it here, and let us see your creation. Pictures and Videos aren't required but very welcome, especially if you wish to claim a feat.

1. No Cheats - The broadest rule here, anything that alters the game unfairly or ruins the spirit of a challenge will be regarded as a cheat. Mods will be allowed, but only if they are visual/don't alter game mechanics.

2. Upload to KerbalX - This is mainly for validity, but also for those wishing to get into this madness as well!

3. No Spaghetti/Abusing Kerbals - While this doesn't have to be manned, please don't abuse the infinite EVA propellant if you do happen to have a Kerbal onboard.

4. Anything else I forgot to mention, edits pending.

Those were the basics! Now, if you decide you want a challenge, feel free to make your own or challenge others. Land on Tylo, Visit Eeloo, whatever pleases you. The point is to have fun.

Here's my old craft for reference: https://kerbalx.com/NightshineRecorralis/Ivy-I

Proof that a simple design goes a long way (Eeloo & Jool, Woo!)

I'll post a updated craft sooner or later ^^

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Since you didn't exactly specify what kind of vehicle, I present to you: a monowheel. Top speed is around 100 m/s and very easy to drive. Cross country? No problem!



Not on KerbalX yet, I've built this in 1.2.9.



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On 17/03/2017 at 0:08 AM, NightshineRecorralis said:

I saw a challenge like this some time ago, but couldn't find it, so...

I think the challenge you saw was "One With Everything".

I did a Mun, Duna and Minmus landing before returning to Kerbin flight for that one.


It was in 1.1 so this isn't an entry.

Here's a wallpaper image I made based on a screenshot I took of the vehicle on Duna.


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I found some time over the last few days to see what I could do as a challenge entry and here it goes.

This vehicle took Jeb to the Jool system, swinging by Laythe on the way to a landing on Vall and then another on Pol, before returning him safely to Kerbin.

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3 hours ago, Cunjo Carl said:

@purpleivan Just fantastic! I see you made good use of your one NERV and ion :) . Also, the SRBs and fins on the launch stage are truly a sight to behold.

It took a bit of tweaking to the thrust and fuel levels on the SRB's to get them to cut out at the same time.

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Monoplane Mk1 “Porpoise” is a stock asymmetric hypersonic stratospheric plane made entirely from Mk1 aircraft parts, aerodynamic parts, and wheels.  It includes:

  • 2 cockpits and a passenger cabin
  • 3 frontal intakes plus 3 inline intakes
  • 4 jet engines (no oxidizer)
  • 4 wheels

None of the above are balanced so there was a LOT of tweaking of mass, lift, thrust and suspension.


Luckily some of the wing parts are duplicated so I could use two different parts rotated to match.  What's really fun is takeoff with four different size wheels, in a bicycle-outrigger setup like a B-52.  Leave the throttle at half to avoid excessive swerving while the jets spool up.

The name “Porpoise” is both structural and functional, referring to the combination landing-gear/radome on the nose, and the tendency of earlier models to buck violently at hypersonic speeds.  Even Jeb was concerned it might porpoise into the ocean.


Luckily the Whiplash will explode before this happens, and the plane will still fly at Mach 4 without the tail.


kGlyOJu.png 5ZMuS5c.png

It can approach mach 5 at low altitude, or skim the stratosphere for a range of 3000km.  Launchable, flyable, and landable.  And none of the parts match.  Stopping the thing is the hardest part, it takes miles to land it even with airbrakes, but it will float over hill and dale and touch down like a feather if you can keep it level.  Three of the four engines can be toggled with action group 1, leaving only the RAPIER for power during final descent.


KerbalX link

  • Mass 16.88t
  • Cost 37,888.0
  • Crew Capacity 4
  • Part Count 33
  • Size 8.63 x 4.26 x 11.17
Edited by Torquimedes
Pure stock.
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I got around to converting the Monoplane Mk1 to an SSTO.

KerbalX link

  • Mass 12.41t
  • Cost 42,312.0
  • Crew Capacity 4
  • Part Count 19
  • Size 5.32 x 3.21 x 14.02

Then I built a Mk2-Mk3 spaceplane out of unique parts.  Had trouble getting from the runway up to turboramjet speed, until I added the STO Panther.

That is one finicky bird to fly.  I was amazed it worked at all.

KerbalX link

  • Mass 32.55t
  • Cost 42,490.0
  • Crew Capacity 4
  • Part Count 29
  • Size 10.18 x 6.87 x 19.12
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