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I need help figuring out what is destroying my performance

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Any idea which of these mods has a big Physics/CPU impact? Im trying to cut down on my mods, because I only get ~15fps, and I tried removing Destruction effects, EVE, and scatterer, but I only gained 1-2 FPS, so it might not be a GPU issue. I also tried Uninstalling FAR with no improvements. I might try removing Collision FX. I played some and took a couple notes. Also, FAR is the DEV build and Collision FX is the 4.0 version that is not in CKAN.

  • I get 10-20fps in flight
  • when in orbit I get 20-35fps in the orbital map
  • After I crash and the flight log pops up, I get 30-40fps
  • I got ~15fps on my Mun Lander mission
  • I did a rendezvous rescue contract and the ships were within 5km of each other. In ship FPS was 10~12. While EVAing to the rescue ship, I was getting ~5fps until the game eventually crashed after I flew past the ship and was making my way back.

For reference I have a 16gb DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 SC, and an AMD FX-8350.

My KSP Log File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/87n5h05kqyod25k/KSP.log?dl=0

Please let me know if you need anything else.



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Are you running  [ KSP_x64.exe -single-instance -force-d3d11 ]  ?  If not you might try that or Opengl switch.

How high are the part counts of the ships?  if very high you might try using the welding mod UbioZurs Welding Lt.d Cont.  Though this does take some extra time reloading the welded parts, also learn what should and shouldn't be welded.

If the system is having regular stutters at intervals try out Mod MemGraph, though learn how to change the default heap settings.

Potentially any of the eye candy mods can affect the rate heavily.  EVE is currently on the "list for RO/RP0" as severe performance loss.  I'm investigating a horrible frame rate in 1.2.2 RO/RP0 dev install I'm working on now, and think it might be Realplume/smokescreen.  Gotta blame it on something...

Good Luck, and remember to comment on a solution.


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I am running x64 KSP. It is consistent across ships and saves, in a new save with the little stock Albatross(?) 3A Trainer, I get 15 FPS. I have smokescreen set to 25 as opposed to the stock 1k. 

I will try adding Single Instance or switching to OpenGL from forcing DX11.

I'll look at mod memgraph, but where would I go to learn about changing the heap? IIRC from last night, uninstalling Real Plume did not help.

Also, if none of that works, I am going to uninstall EVE, then Scatterer, then Planetshine one by one again to see if any of them are the issue and I just missed it.

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Note that Memgraph is a good solution for one specific case, that is garbage collection stutter.  Who knows they might fix that issue in 1.3 /smirk.  Anyway GC gets worse as time progresses, and more and larger ships are in service. This includes loaded and unloaded ships, though unloaded ship are less demanding they are some load (on-rails). 

Mod page, see how much you are using with it, red lines on the graph are the garbage collection that causes stutter.  After finding a good amount of heap to use change the padheap.cfg last line to that larger amount. Too large is worse than too little since it will push it on the page file and thus to drives instead of RAM.  Given you have 16gig i'd assume you should see that difference only at obnoxious amounts.

Mod-KeypadMultiply toggles the display of the window.   Mod-KeypadPlus increases the vertical scale of the graph.   Mod-KeypadMinus decreases the vertical scale of the graph.   Mod-KeypadDivide runs a bit of test code controlled by MemGraph\PluginData\test.cfg   Mod-End pads the Mono heap with a configurable amount of headroom to reduce frequency of garbage collections.

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I did testing and here were my results.

Regular FPS: ~15
Open GL : ~15
Complete Modded FPS Without Scatterer, EVE, Planetshine, or Collision FX ~18
Almost Entirely unmodded: 60+
With Only GFX Mods: 60+
Prev. + KER: ~60
Prev. + FAR: ~57
Prev. + RPM: ~55
Prev. + ManueverNodeEvolved, TakeCommand, TreeToppler, WaypointManager: ~55
Prev. + G-Effects: ~30
Prev. -G-FX +Stage Recovery: ~53-54
Prev. -G-FX + BetterBurnTime, EditorExtensions, Ext.EngineerReport, Hide Empty Nodes, HistoricalTechTree, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Navball Adjustor, NavballDockingAlignment, NavHud,Part Commander, and Show All Fuels: ~52-53
Prev. -G-FX + HullCam, Notes, Plane Mode, Quick Scroll, Ship Manifest, Ship Sections, Switch Vessel, Burn Together, Chatterer, CapCom, Contract Parser, Contracts Window, Progress Parser, Final Frontier, S.A.V.E: ~50-52
Prev. -G-FX + AviationLights, BonVoyage, BOSS, ConnectedLiving Space, Janitor's Closet, Lights Out, MagiCore, Science Alert, Trigger Tech, Vessel View, WASD Editor Camera: ~50-52
Prev. -G-FX + Camera Tools, Dated Quicksaves, Distant Object, Water Sounds, Kerbokatz Small Utilities, Off Stage, and Docking Alignment Indicator: ~49-50
Prev. -G-FX + KOS, X Science, DMP, ASET, Mechjeb, EVA Chutes & ejection: ~48-49
Prev. -G-FX + Firespitter, AirPlane Plus: ~48
Prev. -G-FX + BDArmory Cont., Aircraft Carrier Accessories: ~48
Prev. -G-FX + Scatterer Ocean Shader&Reflections Turned On, Fourier Grid (64): ~50 Looking Away from Ocean, ~40 Looking at Ocean

I have concluded that G-Effects was the culprit as a 25 FPS Drop is consistent with my Stable FPS with all my mods and my FPS Using it along with my mods.

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