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[Kopernicus 1.2.2] (W.I.P!) AR3S' Planet Expansion for Stock!


What do you want me to make?  

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  1. 1. More stars or more planets?

    • Stars
    • Planets
  2. 2. Do you want to have an API and create 'Sector-K' full of stars, and allow community made projects / packages?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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Hello everyone! This is an upcoming addon that I plan to release ~April 2017! You lucky lads and lasses might get it earlier if I can work hard enough. Right now, we only have space engine alpha screenshots. I'm looking for Devs to help me (For free, it's voluntarily, as all coding is) as I am stuck. I can do stars at the current moment.


Gas Giant Hedsa. Orbits star Kernius.


Largest moon of Hedsa, named Flairion.


Smallest moon of Hedsa, dubbed Encharged, as it contains a huge amount of Thorium. It was formed from a Mars / Duna sized rock that hit the planet that was primarily made from Thorium, Plutonium and Urainium, so as it decayed over thousands of years, it heated the planet so it was warm, resulting in a mini star. This is the remains of this.


A mini gas planet, which was knocked off from Hedsa and clumped together, resulting this gas ball that looks like it is moving.


Unnamed moon 1


That all so far! Hope you enjoy!

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added devs needed.
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