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So what song is stuck in your head today?


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12 hours ago, TheSaint said:

I'm all, "DUDE! Get off me! Go buy your own dang instrument!" Maybe I just have personal space issues...

Here, my wife just found four guys playing Ravel's Bolero on one cello. This will totally set off your haphephobia.

Sounds like IT management: "What? i have to buy FOUR cellos for this show? NO WAY, there're 4 strings on the thing, take one and multi task it!" :P

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Grammars. Don't you hate this thing?
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We lost Olivia today. :sob:


Also found this one - the first show I ever watched (on laserdisc, I think)


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one more video
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2 hours ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. Mostly because I spent nearly six hours creating it in Dyson Sphere Program a few days ago:

And yes, I had to configure Every. Single. One. By. Hand.

Were you able to copy/paste any sections, like in Factorio?

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37 minutes ago, StrandedonEarth said:

Unavailable video is unavailable

(I've given up on just posting videos, now i always (try to remember to) add the song title / artist in case this happens... But sometimes I forget...)


Posting another version to attempt to subvert the censors in Canuckistan:


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