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So what song is stuck in your head today?


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9 minutes ago, Lisias said:

Emerson Lake & Palmer.

I didn't knew this one, and I consider myself a fan! :)



I can't give that one enough likes (and I think I have unlimited likes)  lol  :vallove:  :heart_eyes:

He's another ELP gem that immediately came to mind:


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1 hour ago, Just Jim said:

I did NOT expect that (but I loved it)  

Here's one back at ya

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Easy to hear how Alice Cooper is the bridge between Frank Zappa on the one side and Marilyn Manson & Type O Negative on the other side. Nice choice!

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A song of Muslims in China during the Yuan Dynasty, restored by lovers of ancient Chinese folk music. 

"In the 14th century AD, when the Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta was in Hangzhou, he attended a party on a boat trip on the West Lake. The musicians accompanying him played music and sang it in Chinese, Arabic and Persian. The memoirs of Ibn Battuta have preserved, in a fragment, half a verse of a Persian song that he loved and sang repeatedly. The song is actually a quatrain by the Persian poet Saadi."


"Alone, my heart is tied to you, and I fall into the abyss of longing.
As you bow in worship, you appear between the niches."

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On 3/11/2023 at 8:22 PM, LHACK4142 said:

Been getting into heavy metal lately, and this is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. Any suggestions are welcome!!

Pretty much all of the pre-Sandman Metallica is good. But to truly appreciate “One” you have to watch the video…


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I was doing a little fact checking on something i heard a while ago. Before i explain, I have a question. What comes to mind when you hear this song:

I would bet the first thing you think is the circus. Well, did you know that this song is actually a MILITARY MARCH? Yup.


cheers folks!


and yes this song is currently driving me mad. It just wont leave my mind.


so suffer with me :D 

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I'm a bit nostalgic today. Played this one with my little brother a lot when we were younger.

(as a team, because on death match I was dead before the third chord…)


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