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SpaceX Discussion Thread


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This is for the launch Thursday, so anyone in CA who wants a shot at a launch AND an RTLS landing should think about getting within LOS of Vandy.

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Refreshed YouTube, saw the live stream.

"Oh yeah, there was a launch this morning".

Click on it.  T-0:10

"Woot!"  Perfect timing.


Abort Abort Abort.


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Oh wow, could it be finally time to light this candle? Time to make some more history, one way or another? This will be epic!

*looks at the time stamp*

Late March 31st, huh? Better not be an April Fool's joke...

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Obviously delays suck, but if Starship’s first flight ended up being on the same date as the first human spaceflight, it would be amazing.

Also would make me wonder about simulation theory. I create worlds for cancelled space projects and do complete schedules of missions and history of development, and I can’t tell you how many times I have deliberately had a launch end up on a holiday (like launching America’s first lunar base on the 4th of July, for example).

Perhaps the writer of our universe is being funny.

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