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7 hours ago, Reactordrone said:

Dragon 2 and Starliner use the IDSS ports rather than the berthing ports so the HTV delay shouldn't have had any impact on them.

As I recall, the issue is crew supervision. They still need to make time in their schedule to monitor the approach and docking. Not the whole reason for the delay, but I think Musk mentioned it’s contributing. 

9 minutes ago, tater said:

Sea state is apparently pretty awful where recovery would be (3+ m waves)

Good thing the rest of it is coming directly home, then. :D

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SpaceX is really starting to master their camera artistry on those webcasts...Rocket firing, panning across a star field? Yeeeessssss! BFR should have a couple little camera probes, to fly next to it and transmit awesome footage.

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58 minutes ago, tater said:


"Look! You can see the two things both firing their engines!"

It's Scott Manley official: stages are henceforth to be referred to as things. Congratulations to SpaceX on successfully shooting their smaller thing into space and successfully recovering their larger thing. I bet their engineers can't wait to get their hands all over it.

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18 minutes ago, Spaceception said:

Damn, that bottom pic looks like something striaght out of a sci-fi movie.

It just shows that reality will become a Sci-Fi movie, soon. (Hopefully)

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