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BD Armory Flight AI

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12 hours ago, GrassTuft said:

I was wondering if there was a way to make the AI land?

HI if you are talking about the pilot AI not one of the other systems   You can force  the AI to land . only by running out of fuel or manually shutting down the engines, The landing only comes due to no longer having speed and lift, rather than a decision of the AI to put the bird on the ground. There's also an issue in that it can land anywhere, it will not choose an nice smooth site, and if you are operating on the coast then there's a 50% chance you'll be landing in the ocean. Also when force  landed  it doesn't automatically put on the brakes, so it carries on rolling until it encounters a suitable obstruction. 

While that may sound less than great , it should be noted that the AI pilot is designed for combat scenarios  not general flying. In general most of these scenarios  are reverted  and rerun ,  once the results of the scenario are finalised, with one team obviously the victor 

The wing commander function allows a little more control but is still combat oriented and works only with multiple aircraft and operates in a similar way to the normal AI with regard to landings

Your best bet for landing of remote aircraft is likely Burn Together, though that relies on you being in control of 1 of the aircraft,  BT basically mirrors control inputs on a slaved craft , so anything you do is matched by the following aircraft.

There are however a couple of other very good autopilot mods out there and if it's not combat you're after I'm sure I've seen at least one of those run an autoland procedure

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