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Quick glance shows the following:

  • to modify the amount of a resource the correct syntax is
	@amount = <newamount>
	@maxAmount = <newmax>
  • Inconsistency between :FOR[KerbobulusSpaceProgram] and :FOR[Kerbobulus Space Program] - won't actually prevent anything here from working but it's best to stick with just one - and without spaces is easier since they need to be replaced by the wildcard ? to work properly in MM.
  • In @PART[XOrionPodX|XOrionPodXbb31|//OrionDockingPort3a49capXx|OrionDockingPortXx|//OrionDockingPortXWSTANDARDDOCKPORT|XOrionLES]:FOR[Kerbobulus Space Program] the // marks the start of a comment and causes the rest of the line to be ignored
  • @PART[xparachuteRadial2x/xparachuteRadialx] should use a vertical bar (|) not a slash (/) - also missing a closing brace (}). It could also be simplified using wildcard to @PART[xparachuteRadial*] (assuming there's only those two radial parachutes).
Edited by Aelfhe1m
fixed final point for incorrect use of single character wildcard
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