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Ekranoplan in KSP


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I've always wondered, "Does KSP's aerodynamic system include ground effect?" I haven't been able to answer that question for myself, so now I ask the professionals. If so, could ekranoplans be an efficient way of traveling in KSP, or is that wishful thinking? Thank you for your time.


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No, ground effect is not simulated. So no ekranoplans can't be an efficient way of travelling in KSP.

An efficient way to travelling around Kerbin, flying aside, is hydrofoils. This means using the lift from the water to have your craft fly just above the surface. Pros: a lot more efficient and faster than a boat since only your foils are in contact with the water, since water is 1000x times denser than air you need small hydrofoils to lift a craft (as opposed to huge wings). Cons: they are a pain to make stable.

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Build something that looks like Lun or Орлёнок (omit the rear prop if you're unmodded, or build some contraption if desired) and fly it hella low over the ocean, you won't regret it even if it's not a true ground-effect craft. They're very fun and the new water physics since 1.0 mean you can land it in water as intended.

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2 hours ago, Snark said:

Moving to KSP Discussion, since this is about the game.  (Science & Spaceflight is about real-life science discussions that aren't KSP itself.)

Sorry about that. I'll note that in the future. 

Also, thank you all for your answers. I appreciate it!

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