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The Kerbal Grand Tour


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In the Kerbal Grand Tour,  you are to land on as many planets and moons as possible, and circumnavigate them on land/ocean/water. For Jool, an atmospheric circumnavigation is sufficient. 


All Stock parts except Vens stock revamp. (FAR, mechjeb, KER, and other informational mods allowed)

KSP 1.2+

Video is recommended, although photo albums with enough pictures to document essentials are allowed

No Alt-F12 or other cheats/hacks.

No exploiting Krakens/bugs/glitches.

Use part clipping only for decorative parts(lights, ladders, science parts, etc.), not for fuel tanks, engines, command pods, etc.

Must be manned with at least 3 Kerbals.

No external command seats.

Up to 10 Quickloads, and 5 reverts are welcome.

No more than 3 launches.

Any other suggested rules, ask here! 


+6 per every planet circumnavigated

+3 per every moon circumnavigated

+10 points if no nuclear/ion engines are used.

+5 points if no ISRU drills are used

+5 points if no ISRU converters are used

+10 points if your vessel cant hold ore

+10 points for not using 3.75m tanks and engines

+15 points for using only 1.25m tanks and engines. 

+10 points if 5+ crew are carried

-5 points per Kerbal killed 

-5 points if a detachable rover is used for circumnavigation


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