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Protractor Protracted

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Protractor Protracted

There are beings in the universe billions of years older than us. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants...vast and timeless.  They did it like this...


Rewrite Progress


[DONE] Fixed log spamming
[DONE] Remove unused code
[DONE] Remove skins and associated code
[DONE] Changed addon startup and lifetime
[DONE] F2 Support
[DONE] Only draw when Launcher exists
[DONE] Use my toolbarcode
[DONE] Use my logger
[DONE] Class for help window
[DONE] Class for settings window
[DONE] Using internal values for orbit renderer colour
[DONE] KAC Alarm wrong settings
[DONE] Correct help text
[DONE] Class for main window
[DONE] Class for Config
[DONE] Settings editable again
[DONE] Blizzy settings - choose toolbar for icon

So far I have moved the code around to my liking and fixed some bugs.  I have also introduced a couple of bugs - no rest for the wicked.

I have also got the icon and window to appear in KSC and Tracking Station but it won't render any data because there is no current vessel and it throws exceptions.  I want to get it to show the transfer windows even if it can't do DV calculations.


Still to do


Load/Save settings
Store window pos
Do we have body or vessel?  Stop throwing exceptions if no vessel
Show in KSC
Show in Tracking station
New icons
Bug: Focusing/unfocuing body - throws exceptions
Move green approach line into own class
Moon/Planet code - seems to have a lot of duplication
Bug: Wrong moons showing up



I recompiled some versions of Protractor Continued, they are on my downloads page.


The latest version for KSP1.3 is Protractor V2.11

These releases are mostly rebuilds of Addle's code with minimal changes, but please don't pester him about any bugs you may find.

License, Etc

All code released under GNU GPL license 3.

KSP-AVC Support - "This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the Internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the Internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin."


Protractor is by mrenigma03, Protractor Continued by Addle.

Source Code




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41 minutes ago, Three_Pounds said:

May I ask, why are you posting this now?

Because I was fed up with my rebuilds of Protractor festering at the bottom of someone else's thread and decided that I wanted to do something with them.  It's kinda hard when someone just disappears 'cos it feels kinda rude to just yank the rug out from under them, even if they are not actually around to notice.  Anyway, I was always a bit dubious about taking this one over given the complicated nature of the calculations, so I just kinda let it fester for the past 3 versions.

A week ago I got around to prevent the log spamming when you are on a flyby and I was going to package it up in case any one was actually going to notice the release and I thought I'd try and actually modernise this junk.  Anyway I was hoping to release a proper rewrite before I went on holiday but it looks like I won't manage it.  I thought I could give my rebuilds an airing and see if anyone is interested.

"HebaruSan and DStaal like this"

Is that so?  Actually HebaruSan, I was planning on pestering you somewhen but I'm still in the depths of UI code at the moment.

I have tried Astrogator and decided that if it is going to make maneuver nodes for me I may as well use MechJeb.  I quite like Protractor's approach line and the Track Dv readout.  If I can get Protractor to work without a current vessel (KSC screen and Tracking Station) then I'll be happy.  As it is I never just go with Protractor's timer - I do always make a node but some how it just feels less like cheating if I make my own node.  On the other hand Astrogator works on the KSC screen which I consider a God send.

Crazy or not I thought I'd try and bring Protractor back from the brink

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SO I'm trying this out, and it seems to load up and work WITHOUT having to place the part(s) on a craft...??
So, is the mod essentially partless now?

I'm assuming so, since I am also getting this in the loading log:
"Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'ProtractorModule' "

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