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game is crashing on load

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Title says it all. I just updated the game and my mods, and the game has crashed THRICE on load.

Output: http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_13

Error: http://www.filedropper.com/error_2

DMP: http://www.filedropper.com/crash_4

While I wait for someone to tell me how I screwed up <I am fairly certain I did> and while I wait on something else. I am going to dump my mods out of the game. and try a mod free install and see what happens.

Mod List as related to those 3 above:

MechJeb, Planetary Base, KIS/KAS, MM, Reentry Particle Effects, Cacteye Telescope, SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded, Procedural Fairings, Chaterer. All have the most updated files I can locate.

original post time 23:59:30

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<SIGH> I think I have found the cause for my crashing. Looks to be Procedural Fairings. The mod I depend on for fairings as well... the stock ones I have no clue how to use as they are exasperatingly hard to use. I have been re-installing mods one by one and the crash returned with Procedural Fairings, and departed with the mods departure. I hope they update the mod as well, I do not like the stock fairings....


original post 00:25:30

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scratch the I think. I have confirmed, but would LOVE an outside third person confirmation to be absolutely certain.

original post time 00:43:30



Found deeper in the proc fairings thread a 1.3 KSP compatible DLL which fixed it. Please disregard the above posts as it turns out, that, yes folks, I am a complete dope sometimes. Happy flying!

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final self confirmation and fix found, posted such
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