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[1.12.5] Knes 1.9.9


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What is Knes mod?

This is a stockalike parts mod that allows you to create French rockets and european Ariane family & Some Conceptual spacecraft never builded.
The mod adds many number of parts, including launchers and spacecraft parts in a stockalike style.
Early French Rocket (with CatPod to reproduce the first launch of a Cat in space by Veronique Rocket in 1963),
Ariane 5 in 3.75 m Size, Ariane 1, 2, 3 & 4 all variant, European and French Hermes Space Shuttle, IXV, ATV, Viking Capsule and more... 
This mod is made for Kerbals, not to recreate real rockets with the same performance.


Supported mods by Compatibility patch ( Module Manager Required for patch):

- Kerbal inventory system(KIS)
- MechJeb
Pathfinder (Patch by @Space Kadet )
CryoTanks (Patch by @Zorg )  Recommanded for people who want more realistic cryogenic fuel

Optional Dependencies

RetractableLiftingSurface ( Add a steerable Parafoil )


Knes parts in picture :












Download:  SpaceDock / Github 

Development considered completed, this mod will not receive new parts.





Knes 1.9.9 [2022-08-01]

    - Fix STEAM Crystal Module Cost
    - Add full localization support (by LiXiuMing)
    - Add French localization
    - Fix Tweakscale Patch by Lisia
    - Reduce Crystals Density
    - Reduce Solid Fuel on sepatron
    - Add some IVA props

Knes 1.9.8 [2021-08-04]

    - New 0.9375 Cargo module
    - New 0.9375 Flat Adapter
    - Fix Waterfall Patch for Cora SL
    - Add more fuel on Rita2 booster
    - Improve Landing Skid with new physical material, nodes and new collider
    - StarRider and StarWatcher have now nodes to attach skids
    - Callisto grey Defaut variant is replaced by a new texture

Knes 1.9.7 [2021-06-25]

    - Add LKS Variant for French Hermes
    - Add a Fix small MRK antenna
    - New Hermes Payload Platform
    - Add Telemetry experiment to Asterix Sat
    - Fix ATV RCS Block B Fx
    - STEAM Crystal lab model review
    - MRK Thruster are now also Engine
    - MRK Thruster isp review
    - Craft Review

Knes 1.9.6 [2021-05-15]

    - Remove srf attach on inline decoupler
    - Add png icon
    - Set MRK Antenna to relay
    - little Techtree review
    - Add Science Storage on Calissto Crew/docking part
    - Cost fix for P10/P16 Booster
    - Fix EndCap fairing
    - Fix Crystal laboratory definition
    - Upscale Crystals growing rate
    - Fix some packed inventory volume
    - Reduce Arcas Dockings magnet

Knes 1.9.5 [2021-04-24]

    - Fix Waterfall Patch
    - Remove PAL Gimbal

Knes 1.9.4 [2021-01-28]

    - Parts mass Fix for small Parts in 1.11
    - Fix Waterfall Patch
    - Fix Hermes Aileron description Inverted Left / Right
    - Add a Black Variant on core fairings
    - Change Fairing EndCap Size
    - Veronique / Vesta parts mass review again
    - Add ODFC Compatibility Patch (by Tony48)

Knes 1.9.3 [2021-01-19]

    - Tweakscale Patch update to include New Hermes Parts by @Lisias
    - Add a patch for Waterfall Support
    - Move Hermes payload Parts to Utility category.
    - Reduce Mass of Veronique & Vesta Parts
    - Augmented Thrust on Veronique Engine
    - Remove shadow on European Flag
    - New little animation for the Catpod
    - New Canopy for Viking chute 0.625
    - New Canopy for Vesta / Catpod parachute 0.3125
    - New radial Main chute
    - New 1.25 / 0.625 endcap
    - New Solar Panel for Callisto Shuttle
    - Solar Panel Power generation review
    - TechTree Review
    - Cost Review
    - Fix some physicalSignificance configs
    - Fix Wrong texture endcap on 1.25 station module
    - Fix inline parachute 0.625 max temp
    - Fix MRK Max temp
    - New EndCap for EPS engine
    - New EndCap for EAP nose cones
    - New Endcap for HERA Robotic Arm
    - New Knes Flag
    - LH2 patch is now automatic when CryoTank installed
    - Kerbal in MRK IVA are no without helmet
    - New Overlay Mask for MRK IVA
    - Metal StarWatcher Variant deprecated
    - Vulcain engine Emissive change
    - Add Control point on MRK and Hermes Part

Knes 1.9.2 [2021-01-05]

    - Reduce Torque Value on Abort Motor to fix KJR problem
    - Add missing breaking torque value on some parts
    - Cleanup some Config
    - Move Cargo Part to Cargo category
    - Remove ore capacity on small cargo (now inventory)
    - Add a Patch for RetroCompatibility for old KSP<1.11
    - Update some craft files
    - Adjust Landing gear color
    - French Flag adjusted

Knes 1.9.1 [2021-01-03]

    - TechTree Review for new Hermes Parts
    - Fix of Flag on the wrong folder (agency/organisation)
    - Cost balance for new parts

Knes 1.9.0 [2021-01-02]

    - New Callisto Shuttle (French Hermes)
    - New L3S Variant for many parts
    - Fix Cost = 0 on some Vesta/Veronique parts
    - New inventory settings for KSP 1.11

Knes 1.8.2 [2020-07-16]

    - Fix P120 booster fairing inverted normals
    - New P40 1.25 boosters for diogene 2 launcher
    - New Snecma "Avroom" Avionics
    - Craft Files Updates
    - Reduced Fuel in H8 & H10 FuelTank
    - Reduced size of Adapter collider, to not block Fairing
    - Adjust Diamant Engine isp
    - Adjust Carmen Engine isp Diane/Mireille
    - Global Review of Engine Mass (Reduced)
    - P064 have now 30 solid fuel
Knes 1.8.1 [2020-07-08]

    - Fix double _Knes_STEAM_CrystalLab in tweakscale patch
    - Fix ATV RCS description (A & B)
    - Fix ATV Nose Adapter description
    - Fix STEAM "Blamont" description
    - Fix ATV Antenna description
    - Fix ATV Solar Panel description
    - Adding tweascale support for the two L3S P120 boosters
    - Add 3 science experiment to the STEAM sciencelab
    - Reduced ATV SolarPanel Charge rate to 8
    - Review of the TechTree for P120 boosters

Knes 1.8.0 [2020-07-03]

    - New Snacks Chocolate KIS item (need KIS)
    - IVA include Snacks Chocolate to match the new esa Update!    
    - New ATV Adpater
    - New ATV Antenna
    - New ATV Cargo
    - New ATV Solar Panel
    - New ATV Service Module
    - New Set of RCS for ATV
    - New 1.25 Hatch module
    - New 1.25 Pressurised cargo
    - New 2.5 Science Lab
    - New 2.5 Node module
    - New 2.5 electricty module
    - New 2.5 monoprop module
    - New 2.5 H22 Fuel Tank
    - New 2.5 Booster
    - New MRK Cargo Variant / Solaris
    - New Crystal Lab/Factory
    - Fix for pathfinder patch (Crystal ressources is now keeped on cargo pod)
    - Fix of many bulkhead profile and Tweakscale patch for pretty much all parts, big thanks to @Lisias!
    - Fix of Top node for engine variant
    - Changed Mass Ratio of the crystals ressource, to limit the created mass problem.    
    - Set Ablator at max by default for Liftingbodies    
    - Update of the MRK solar panel texture
    - MRK Pod could now bringback some crystals
    - Fixed Fairings for KSP 1.10
    - Diamant fairings don't have black variant anymore
    - New Craft Files
    - MRK RCS Thruster is now more powerfull

Knes 1.7.2 [2020-05-01]

    - Fix RCS on StarRider Pod
    - Fix RCS on StarWatcher Pod
    - Added to transmit science on StarRider Pod
    - Added to transmit science on StarWatcher Pod
    - Reduced Antenna Power for C-2501 "Wall-e" Direct Antenna
    - Fix black color variant of station parts

Knes 1.7.1 [2020-04-24]

    - Fix Typo error on MRK pod "Mass"
    - Fix Wrong Alpha on many black variant
    - Fix Gold Variant on radial decoupler
    - Adjusted Black Variant on avionics part
    - European Flag updated
    - New European flag "transparent"

Knes 1.7.0 [2020-04-18]

    - New Viking 5 Engine : TrussMount / 0.9375 / 1.25 variant
    - Added Fuel Crossfeed for MRK Heatshield
    - Added Fuel Crossfeed for MRK Decoupler
    - Fix of the MRK Maxtemp (too low)
    - New Black Variant for 1.25 Station Part and Adapter
    - New Black Variant for Crew and Cargo pod, chute and avionics
    - New Black Variant for many diamant/diomede parts
    - New metal variant for Starwatcher using new shader
    - Fix of the node for the bare variant of vulcain engine (upside down)
    - New Mesh variant for the EAP nose cone A
    - Fix of all Radial Decoupler (wrong angle)
    - Update of all craft files
    - Added craft files for Ariane 6 and Ariane 5 ESC-A

Knes 1.6.1 [2020-03-02]

    - Fix of a typo error for the TechRequired
    - Review of the TechTree (Simple MRK aviable earlier)

Knes 1.6 [2020-03-01]

    - Fix of the UnitAreaMass of the 1.875 fairing
    - Fix of the small initial mass inconsistencies in the fairing collection
    - New Multi-Role Kapsule DM
    - New Multi-Role Kapsule DM (Recovery)
    - New Multi-Role Kapsule Rescue SM
    - New Multi-Role Kapsule Cargo SM
    - New Multi-Role Kapsule Extended SM
    - New MRK-2b Heatshield 
    - New MRK-3a Solar Panel 
    - New MRK-3b Solar Panel
    - New MRK-30a Solar Array
    - New MRK-1c Parachute
    - New ECBM (for MRK) Docking Port
    - New Active ECBM Docking Port
    - New MRK-4d Decoupler
    - New MRK-5a Antenna
    - New MRK-6f Thruster
    - New MRK Launch Escape System
    - New MRK-3c Solar Panel 
    - New MRK-1A Solar Panel
    - New MRK craft files added

Knes 1.5 [2019-11-07]

    - New 4 internal camera for Hermes IVA
    - Fix mesh of the left windows of Hermes IVA (not aligned)
    - Fix of the lightmap of the station iva
    - Added new craft files for StarRider and StarWatcher vehicle
    - Deleted Ariane 5C craft files
    - New model for Monoprop engine 1 2 3
    - New srf attach RCS pod for roll control
    - New srf attach Monoprop fueltank
    - New srf attach RCS pod 3 way for upper stage
    - New deployable antenna
    - Fixed node on "Zoe" adapter
    - Fix emissive on catherine stage
    - Balance for StarRider RCS
    - Balance for StarWatcher RCS
    - Balance for Hermes RCS
    - More simple collider for Abort adapter nano
    - More simple collider for Abort adapter small
    - New flat SolarPanel really small size
    - StarRider IVA Fix (seat position)
    - StarWatcher IVA Fix (seat position)
    - Fix NanoSat Suncatcher
    - StarWatcher Texture Update
    - Abort Module color adjusted
    - Inline decoupler mass balance
    - TechTree balance


Knes 1.4 [2019-10-26]

    - Cost fix for all L3S First Stage
    - Cost fix for Catherine Stage
    - ISP nerf for all Cryo engines
    - Thrust up for H2 H3 HM4 HM7 Cryo Engine
    - Texture update for the Viking service Module
    - StarWatcher Collider remade
    - New plume for Monoprop engine
    - Cost balance for Lifting bodies
    - Fix bug with fairing adapter
    - LH2 patch made by @Zorg for cryo compatibility
    - New Bare Variant for HM60 Engine
    - New Bare Variant for HM7 Engine
    - New Bare Variant for Vulcain Engine
    - Add more tags
    - New Model an config for P80 booster
    - New texture for p80 and EAP boosters
    - New H4 small Fuel Tank 1.875
    - Texture update for L3S parts
    - New p35 Booster 1.875 scale
    - New Model for All safe system abort module
    - New small payload adapter to replace "fairing adapter"
    - New various craft files
    - New Bare Variant for H3 Engine
    - New Bare Variant for H2 Engine
    - New Texture variant for Hermes shuttle
    - Hermes Model and Texture update
    - New node for Hermes Shuttle
    - Inline Decoupler allow srf attach
    - HRM module Mesh update, new node setting
    - Fix Hydrolox Particle FX for KSP 1.8
    - Fix Monoprop Particle FX for KSP 1.8
    - Fix Fairing texture for KSP 1.8
    - New Monoprop Engine using separatron assets
    - Hermes IVA update with overlay
    - Hermes is now 7 crew capacity for rescue
    - HRM IVA update
    - New bottom node for L140 L220 and L220N stage
    - All texture converted to DDS DXT5 for KSP 1.8


Knes 1.3 [2019-08-19]

    - New Model for IXV
    - New Model for IXV elevon
    - New Model for CEV
    - New srf attach Monoprop engine
    - New Parachute
    - New Paraglider (need "RetractableLiftingSurface" Mod)
    - New HM4 Engine 1.25
    - New H2 Engine 0.9375
    - New Fuel Tank 1.25
    - 2 New Fuel Tank 0.9375
    - Fix MaxTemp for all Vulcain Engine
    - ISP reduced for H3, HM7 and HM60 Engine
    - Fix Staging issue with pod (clear escape hatch deleted)
    - Fix Staging issue with all fairings
    - New Craft File Heracles-H
    - New Craft File Turquoise-H
    - Cost fix for the crystal factory

Knes 1.2 [2019-07-05]

    - New IVA for the "Viking" command pod
    - New Station Hab module 1.25 scale
    - New Crystal Factory Module 1.25 scale
    - New ScienceLab Module 1.25 scale
    - New Adapter for station 1.25 to 0.9375 and 0.625
    - New Adapter 0.9375 to 0.625
    - New Structural node for space station
    - New Inline RCS control unit at 0.625 scale
    - Fix of smoke engine on a wrong axis for L3S Hydrolox engine
    - New Fx for Ariane 5 Vulcain engine
    - New sound effect for Vulcain Engines
    - New sound effect for L3S Engines
    - Cargo "Minotaur" is now also a science container
    - CEV & IXV LiftingsBodies restored
    - Abort System restored
    - Science are now DELETED (moved to standalone mod Interkosmos)
    - Old science def DELETED
    - Old parts removed in compatibilty patch: KIS / Tweakscale / Pathfinder / MechJeb
    - New Craft Files for station module
    - New Craft Files for Small Tanker

Knes 1.1 [2019-06-15]

   - CEV & IXV LiftingsBodies are now DEPRECATED
    - Abort System are now DEPRECATED
    - Science are now DEPRECATED (moved to standalone mod Interkosmos)
    - Removed science part on the Hermes craft files
    - Fix nullref on Ariane5 craft files after booster sep
    - Nanosat decoupler reduced to 0.2 (i've also fix the axis)
    - Clean up files names

Knes 1.0 [2019-05-02]

    - New Cargo Pod 0.9375 "Minotaur"
    - New Cryogenic Engine H3 0.625
    - New Model for Ariane 5 Small and medium FuelTank
    - New Model for H10 FuelTank (new size)
    - New H8 FuelTank 1.875m
    - Complete TechTree review
    - AO Fix on Carmen Fuel Tank
    - Specular Fix on All Decoupler
    - Fix of missing name for Carmen Adapter
    - New EndCap for Ariane5 EPC Fuel Tank
    - New "Starlette" Sat
    - New "Kassler" CubeSat
    - New Ariane L140 Stage
    - New Ariane L220 Stage
    - New Ariane L220N Stage
    - New H45 Stage 2.5m
    - New HM60 Engine 2.5m
    - New Model for the Zebulon hm7 engine
    - New L33 Engine 1.875m
    - New Model for the Minus probe core 1.875m
    - New AR4 Avionics Probe core 1.875/2.5m

Knes 0.9 [2019-03-29]

    - Fix of smoke FX visible in space for solid booster
    - Fix Of Scale FX for Diane Engine
    - Fix Of Scale FX for Catherine Stage
    - Fix Add a nozzles collider for the P064 Booster
    - Fix for Black Diamant Craft File
    - Normal Map Fix for Diamant parts
    - New Command Pod "Viking" 0.9375
    - New Inline Parachute 0.9375
    - New Heatshield 0.9375
    - New Monoprop Fuel Tank 0.9375 Nano and medium size
    - New Docking System (Docking junior size)
    - Fix Monoprop Capacity of Diamant parts

Knes 0.8 [2019-03-15]

    - New Coralie Upper Stage Engine and Fuel Tank offers by @Beale
    - New model for all Fairings with a new automatic adapter
    - New "EndCap" for the Guepiere adapter
    - Fix of the ejection forces of the "Loop" decoupler
    - New Glow Effect for Diamant engine
    - New Boosters P10 P16 P3 P03 for Diamant rocket evolution
    - New Dual Payload Adapter for Ariane 5
    - New Parts for LRBA Vulcain rocket family, all variant
    - New Small Decoupler radial for Booster P03
    - Fix of the FX for Solid booster
    - Specular fix some parts
    - Textures Fix for some parts
    - Change of name for Minus and Cortex Probe Core
    - Propably many other little change and Fix

Knes 0.7 [2019-02-05]

    - New Parts for "Diomede" Rocket, all variant
    - New Fx for Viska and Diomede by JadeOfMaar

Knes 0.6.1 [2019-01-11]

    - Fix for name of Science Parts (old save can't load)
    - Change some nodes of techtree

Knes 0.6 [2019-01-10]

    - Update to KSP 1.6.1
    - New Parts for "Varinka" French Rocket
    - New Parts for "Viska" French Rocket
    - Update of all Fairing for a better look
    - New model for the "Cortex" Avionics of Ariane 5
    - New model for the EPS Ariane 5 upper stage
    - Nerf of the EPS Engine
    - Fix of EAP Thrust
    - New Texture for the Guepiere
    - Crystals Ressource Cost Fix
    - New Included Flag
    - New AO texture and Normals for Ariane 5 core tank
    - Many Nodes Fix
    - Blue Fx for Vulcain Engine

Knes 0.5 [2018-15-11]

    - New Folder hierarchy
    - New Science Parts
    - Update to KSP 1.5.1

Knes 0.4 [2018-04-12]

    - New Elevon for IXV Patin
    - New European Flag
    - New IVA for HRM module
    - Top node for IXV (for LES)    
    - Surface attach node for Hermes Elevon    
    - Decoupler G3750 is now Gold like the other
    - IXV max temp / skin temp fix
    - IXV is now a 3 crew command pod
    - Updated Craft Files

Knes 0.3 [2018-04-02]

    - Update for KSP v1.4.2
    - New mesh collider for Hermes Space Shuttle (needed for 1.4.2)
    - Add Title on Agencies Config
    - Check and test of all included Craft files for 1.4.2
    - Fix for new RCS Fx

Knes 0.2 [2018-01-30]

    - New Parts Hermes Space Shuttle with elevon
    - New Parts Hermes HRM module
    - New Parts Grapple Device Robotic Arm (Klaw)
    - New Craft Files for Hermes Space Shuttle
    - SRB EAP Gimbal up to 3.5
    - SRB P80 Gimbal up to 3.5
    - Vulcain Engine Gimbal up to 8
    - Compatibility Patch for Pathfinder (by Space Kadet)
    - Dry Mass Correction for Fairing / H10 Fuel Tank (by Aerospacer)
    - K-IXV texture update (Artefact correction)
    - 2 New Craft files for Hermes Shuttle
    - Props delete for future NF Props Support on CEV IVA

Knes 0.1 [2017-08-03]

    - Initial upload



Help on Dev and support : @CobaltWolf @Beale @steedcrugeon

Hermes Model made with the big Help of @Nookos (Sharing of its Soar Shuttle Model for ref)

Hermes IVA Model and original MRK model by @steedcrugeon 

EndCap made by @Beale included and used on many parts, thanks to him!

Licence : Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) 


Translations :



















( Sorry for my English, its not my native language )

Don't forget to check the Unofficial Knes Wiki !

Made and Managed by @tony48 with the Help of @MaguKerman and  @CapC0m

Many thanks to them for all the work they have put on this Wiki 


This let you know how to use most of the Parts included in the mod, and that also a nice way to see if this mod is for you.

(All parts are not showed on the wiki, but most of them)

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3 minutes ago, Vjrcr said:

I did notice it's lightly smaller but that just means it's easier to put in a fairing

Yes exactly, and you don't need anymore elevon for control, just SAS.

But the launch is always a problem, i have made a module "Safe System" with big reaction wheels to control the lift (also escape system) Work fine with Mechjeb autopilot, see the Craft Files

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11 hours ago, The-Doctor said:

Oh this looks beautiful

May I suggest that you edit the link on spacedock, it's broken,and any time I click it, it simply reloads the spacedock page. It's important cause I can't find this forum through a google search

I see no problem with the link, everything works well for me and there is already 278 download. Please retry :/, Anybody others has a problem with the link?


9 hours ago, Z3R0_0NL1N3 said:

This looks great! Any chance of a Kliper?

Sorry, Kliper is not planned.  I can suggest you, Mod Contares

See also this link:



9 hours ago, Bottle Rocketeer 500 said:

Wow, very nice work!:)


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15 hours ago, Bottle Rocketeer 500 said:

The way you docked it reminds me of the DreamChaser, which is currently for cargo.

So many Concept of space shuttle, have plannified a dock in the back.

HL-20 / HL-42 / Hermes / Dreamchaser / Biconic.... and so many other

My best version is the Hermes with MTFF station :


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