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[1.3] Leviathan-class aircraft carrier


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A fully operational carrier hull and bridge. As opposed to Eskandre's excellent Nimitz, this one has a ski-jump. It's not actually based on any real-world aircraft carrier, but it probably most resembles the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. The lifts and hangar are fully operational. The mod is actually just a single part that comprises the hull, deck, lifts and bridge. It generates its own power, but it's meant to be used along with other ship mods for engines, radar, antennae, defence systems, etc.


[MOD - Download link removed due to missing license - sumghai]

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25 minutes ago, XOC2008 said:

Curious to know what the length of this is. I suppose I could just download it to find out but I wanna know if it'd fit in without tweakscale or if it is "kerbal scale"

If I'm not mistaken, it's 260m long. It's supposed to be standard carrier size, rather than supercarrier, in kerbal scale. Here's a pic with planes for referenceyxEbEKT.jpg

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3 minutes ago, Calster804 said:

Dose it work with 1.2.2

In all likelihood it will work with 1.2.x and even 1.1.x. I built it using the same parttools plugin I've used since I began modding more than a year ago, so I imagine you'll have no issues :)

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6 hours ago, Nightguard said:

1.4.3 compatibility?

Part mods usually work with no problem. Can you test it and let us know?


On another note: @nestor_d, nice job there! Please remember to pick a license (see section 1 here) and mention it in the OP for this thread, thanks! If you need help with that, please consult this guide:


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