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[KSP 1.6.1] "Streamline" Engines, Fueltanks and RCS


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Set of engines in aerodynamical cowlings with attach points on both sides,

Liquid fuel + Oxidiser  RCS modules and

MK-1 Fuel tanks separated to LF and OX with various capacity from 50 to 800




Other images (Imgur)




License MIT

Updated to v1.2 (1.4.0 - 1.6.1)




Engines with thrust from 120 to 360 kN have very good aerodynamics and can be used for aircrafts, spaceplanes, SSTOs

and other things that need small drag inside atmosphere. Also this engines can be used in pull-type

constructions or with "trailer"  fueltanks.


Fueltanks split by fuel types and have various capacity.

They created mostly for fine tuning SSTO's fuel amount, if you need "a little more" fuel or oxidizer.

But can be used for clean white looking rockets and aircrafts.

I intentionally don't use fuel switchers for maximum compatibility with game updates and prevent save crushes.


Also this mod add some RCS modules that use Lf+Ox

they have good thrust and ISP but also required ELECTRICITY to operate

Note! Using RCS modules to steering may cause your rocket shaking and wasting fuel,

to prevent this reduce Thrust Limiter and disable RCS if you don't need it!


If you don't like too much unnecessary parts in library, you can delete it

inside GameData\StreamlineEnginesTanks\Parts

Mk1EngStreamline - Engines, nose cone and control wing

Mk1EngStrRCS - all RCS and side engine

Ox-LF_Tanks - Fueltanks

all folders independent and parts use only stock modules

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3 hours ago, NESD said:

@DStaal  Done.

Yes it's MIT. I still not clearly understand about GPL and other licensing types, but don't want to set strict copyright on my work

Yeah, they can get complicated.  I mostly wanted to make sure you knew of the forum rules that required it in the first post as well.

A decent resource is here: https://choosealicense.com/

Wikipedia also has a few good pages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_free_and_open-source_software_licenses

Basically, MIT is 'do what you want, just make sure you credit me for what I've done'.  Anyone can use it for any purpose, including using it in closed-source software.  GPL is a bit more complex, in that it adds that if you use the code in something else, that something else has to have the same type of license.  So someone can't take your code and put it in closed-source software.  (But they also can't open it up by putting in MIT-licensed software.)

In general, I don't think most people need to know all the different licenses.  If you know enough about the differences between MIT, GPL, and the various Creative Commons licenses to be able to choose between them for yourself, that's usually enough if you aren't a company with their own law firm on retainer.

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@DStaal Thx for information, also add license info to my Open Cockpit mod.

@Rodger Nice mod, maybe try it later. If you want, you can do it, but my textures not finished and possibly may changes.

I don't like simple nozzles texture, and also I plan to make 3 different versions of fuel tank textures: pure white with colored caps (in release),

Colored stripes on side and with gray chemical signs. But models unwrap stay unchanged (I hope)

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@Lvdovicvs  Don't think yet about multiple jets, but Lf+Intake parts in my plan ( maybe not in this mod).

@Aerospacer  Nice bird :)

@MaverickSawyer  This engines can't be gimbal but I make 0,625 "Solo" engine, low thrust but gimbal more than 30 degrees (now 40)


early work, still in progress so all may changes

@Jim Starluck  I don't have Ckan installed now and can't check it, I just enable ckan support in Spacedock

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@ernstsmit I already think about this, but any additional attach surface on slanted walls can look strange without legs, and I don't want use any model switcher mods for better game updates compatibility.

Only thing I can make, is a 0.625 tail tip with foldable legs like in SpaceX, but dont know how fast i can do it.

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Way way back, I had an inline rcs "slice" part that was just indispensable. Not only did you give us an updated, prettyfied version, it looks like yours can actually affect roll, something mine never could. I see a lot of old ideas cycle back around, but almost never an actual functional improvement. My hat is off to you.

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@linuxgurugamer And again thanks for help, if it's possible tell me what I'm doing wrong, in next time I want fix it by myself and not bothering other people. AVC can be soon.

@Aerospacer already in work, maybe in next update.

@kellven Yes, RCS ring not a fresh idea, and I see it at least in one another mod, but they for MP and i built it for LF+Ox as a control unit for not tilted engines and heavy vessels.

Yes its support roll control and allow build a only RCS steerable rockets, but unfortunately, they hard to use due lack of smoothing in RCS modules, that sometimes make rockets shaking and wasting fuel


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  • 4 weeks later...

KSP 1.3.1  mod version 1.1  released


------------------------- Added ----------------------------------


DTE Streamline 1-60-S "Solo" Liquid Fuel Engine - Mk1 7deg. gimbal

DTE Streamline S-30 "Sphere" Liquid Fuel Engine - Mk0 40deg . gimbal




10 and 20 degrees slanted nose cones

0.625 liquid fuel tank



Tweak Scale patches

AVC version

Localization support




2 Alternative textures inside Extras folder

--------------------- Changed -----------------------------

Amount of fuel in Nose cones

Fuel Tanks texture layout slightly changed

Some other small changes

----------------------- Fixed ------------------------------

Wrong mesh smoothing in engine fairings

Nose cone COM position

Edited by NESD
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I hate to pester, but could you add jet engines as well as rockets?

Also, can you have Mk2 to 1.25m variants?

Finally, could you add nuclear versions?

For the jet engines have three engines, a turbofan with a coif, and an after-burning engine with two separate nozzles, and a version similar to the rapier in capability, with two nozzles on each side.

Also, having all the smaller engines available in Monoprop OMS versions (with small cosmetic distinguishing factors), and the larger RCS thrusters available in an LFO Thruster variant would be incredible.

Edited by Ruedii
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On 8/26/2017 at 12:49 PM, NESD said:

@DStaal  Done.

Yes it's MIT. I still not clearly understand about GPL and other licensing types, but don't want to set strict copyright on my work

GPL only really restricts redistribution.   It grants unlimited rights to download, use, and modify.  All restrictions apply during the stage of redistribution, to strictly insure that the same rights are granted to the following users.

It requires the original source code or links to the original linked source code with redistributed binaries of anything that is compiled, or otherwise reduced for optimization.
If the item is changed and redistributed, all changes must be noted, and the source code must be provided.   The user cannot change the project, and redistribute it without noting both the orriginal project and the changes.
Any licenses granting use of project name or author name to derived project are deemed separate, and hence vary by project.

Since this project contains little more than snippets of code in config files, and no compiled code, the more straightforward Creative Commons Share and Share Alike  Attribution license is probably preferable if you want something with share and share alike conditions

Here are some websites explaining the two licenses:

The creative Commons site provides a quick list of all the Creative Common licenses, and what they mean.
Yes, you can choose to have the work attributed to an alias such as your forum handle.  This is common under both these licenses.

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On 07.09.2017 at 10:35 PM, Aerospacer said:

@NESD, how about streamline-style adapters with varies amount of 0.625 attach points? (for ion engines or tanks :) )

@Aerospacer  Something like this . . .


@Ruedii  I think this parts also answer (partially) for your request

Intakes . . .


. . . and engines


For 2.5 and 3.75 parts I recommend you, at this time, use Tweak Scale mod, because

Engines have 8 parts, Fuel tanks - 16, RCS - 4, upcoming Adapters  - 5 (symmetrical layout) +3 parts

and optional non symmetrical adapters up to 9 more parts. (14 parts from single model, is my personal record :D )

If I duplicate it to other sizes, it completely overflow parts library, so I'm waiting promised stock mesh switcher

to simplify my parts pack. I still have in mind LF+Intake nose cones but don't know how fast it can be done.

Don't know about other things, maybe I can do something.         And thanks for license info.

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