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Explanation of the Reputation System


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At risk of sounding like an idiot, how exactly do I tell what my reputation is? I understand the green/gray bars gives a broad idea, but as per the actual number of points, or who has given me reputation, is there somewhere to see that?

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Bluejayek, it is in your "settings" and in your "profile" pages :)

Click the Reputation tab.

Allright, I can see it in the settings menu, if I go Settings > My Account > General Settings it shows "You currently have 0 reputation" below the toggle for showing reputation or not.

Also on the settings page I see a "Latest Reputation Given (Reputation Power: 1)" with who I have given reputation to.

However, I cannot for the life of me find this Reputation tab on "My Profile" page.

I see tabs "My Activity" "Visitor Messages" "About Me" "Friends", none of which show reputation.

Sorry for being a nuisance, and thank you in advance for the further help. Love your profile picture by the way.

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