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[WIN][KSP1.3] Flyby Finder for GPP 10.625x Rescale [GPP 1.2x,1.4,1.5x]


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This is a set of tools  to use with the 10.625x rescale of the Galileo Planet Pack only. If you re using stock GPP then you must use the standard Flyby Finder available here. Tools for the Real Solar System mod are here. I don't offer any other rescales at this time. GPP 10.625x uses a custom time scale with 24 hour days and a 347-day year, and I have to tweak some other parameters to fit the giant size of this solar system.

Here is Flyby Finder itself, I'm assuming that by the time you get here you have used it in stock, if not the instructions are in this thread.

The following files are for GPP versions 1.2.2 and 1.4 (with the 10.625x rescale)



Source Code:


Next is my Moonfinder spreadsheet, this tells you the next time to launch due East into an orbit that will allow an efficient transfer to Iota, and the next time to launch into the plane of Ceti. it's taken straight from the version for RSS that is in the FFRSS thread.


Finally here is my Lambert spreadsheet modfied for GPP 10.625. This is tricky to use but powerful, it helps to have a fair understanding of astrodynamics to use it.



GPP version 1.5.x  moved the starting positions of the planets so a new version of FF is required for it. The following files are for GPP version 1.5.x, 10.625x rescale only.

Flyby Finder and Moonfinder assume you have installed Kronometer and have the 347-day Gael years only!



Source code:


Moonfinder spreadsheet:


Lambert spreadsheet:



okder has made a Mechjeb addon tool that makes finding the best time and orbit to launch into when starting a mission, and it now can help you set up flybys as well. I use it 100% of the time for interplanetary flights. Try it out!




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Here is a flight from Gael to Tellumo-Niven-Icarus. This is the lowest-dV way I've found to get to Icarus launching in the first year. This one takes 5618m/s from a 240x240km Gael orbit, but at the end of the album I show the next GTNI window that can get you there for about 4880m/s in year 5.


Note that it is hard to do a giant burn accurately, I had to do a 100m/s correction right after I finished the burn because of burn time and position inaccuracy, but after that it was less than 10m/s total for all the rest of the course corrections.

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I have released versions of Flyby Finder and the Lambert and Moonfinder spreadsheets for GPP version 1.5.x with the 10.625x rescale only. They are in the OP above. Note that I assume the user will install Kronometer and therefore have 347-day years for Gael. In earlier versions of the 10.625x rescale this time change was put in automatically, now you have to install Kronometer yourself.

GPP v1.5 moved most of the planet start positions, so all the flyby paths I had used so far are obsolete. A quick check shows Tellumo is still the boss for throwing you to other planets, and the gas giants are even better positioned for an early grand tour.

No plans for other rescales right now, they have custom day lengths as well as custom year lengths so will take more time.

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