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State of the Forums: July-August


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Below is the current forum statistics and counts for a reporting period of one month, which only actually includes the last 10 or so days.

This table shows forum user registration statistics from August 01, to Aug 10. As we can see, registration (which does not count user conversion from SMF) has fluctuated quite a lot, but remained steady at around 300-400 users daily over the last 4 days.


The table below shows "User Activity Statistics" or How many of our uniqie users logged in each day, as you can see we have a very very steady activity level of between 2,000 and 2,500 logon's per day.


The next two tables are "Threads Per Day" and "Posts Per Day" in that order.



Our current server load remains steady below the 2% of load marker each day. As VB is better capable of addressing the SQL database without pulling down the entire record-set each time it does, it's now possible for us to have threads with unlimited post counts. As long as our table overhead remains below the 50meg point, which with the software set to run a constant set of daily updates and diagnostics (which are hardly noticeable) keeps the database clean and usable.


We currently have 2,664 active users with more than 10 posts, and 35,218 users with less than 10 posts, or very little to no log in and or activity. We have around 800 users still awaiting E-Mail conformation, this is unfortunately do to issues with the built in PHP based mailing system not having direct access to the mailer. There are still over 30,000 queued emails waiting to be processed by the system as of this report. This is an issue that can not be fixed directly by the admin team, but only by the System Operator, aka Alex.

Moderation Team

There are currently a total of 33 members of the moderation team, this means that only using our "Above 10 posts active user" number, the ratio of moderators to users is: 1 Moderator per 81 active posting users.

The mod team has a total of 968 actions over the last 10 days, these actions include..

Removing Threads

Approving Posts

Approving Threads

Approving New Users

Merging Threads

Moving Threads

This puts the team at roughly, 96.8 actions per moderator per day.

In closing, the forums look to be in good health, as I personally conducted around 10 updates to the forums, with assistance from N3X15 and Kaufman. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Damion Rayne

Assistant Community Manager

Reporting Moderator for Aug 01-10/2012 Reporting Period

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The mod team has a total of 968 actions over the last 10 days


This puts the team at roughly, 96.8 actions per day.

Fixed. Any idea on the actual per-moderator count?

[EDIT] How about a strikeout BBCode?

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