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ULA launch and discussion thread


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Maybe when they get their Vulcan cadence going they'll up their social media game.

Didn't put one here from the weekend that said "it's launch week" regarding this flight. Kinda cringe, might as well post "it's launch quarter!"

Still no word on BlueLA...

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As of right now final flight of the Delta 4 Heavy is GO for launch in under 5 minutes! 

and clocks stopped and back to T-4:00 and holding due to a redline fault. At T-03:58


Scrubbed. 24 Hour Recycle


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Isn't this basically a substantial part of the reason DIVH is getting retired? The pad infrastructure is old, complicated and creaking, and DIVH doesn't fly often enough to make it worthwhile to keep everything fully tested and operational between flights. Then when they do come to launch, something has inevitably failed and needs fixing.

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ULA teams have taken time to troubleshoot the issue and now say they’re ready to try again. 

The launch is now planned for Tuesday, April 9 at 12:53 p.m., pending range approval.

found the above a few moments ago.


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2 minutes ago, Spaceception said:

Just in time T-10 seconds!


And thus the end of the era.. RIP Delta Series of Rockets.. You 've done your job.. Time to retire... (Just don't destroy the BP's will ya? we might need them again one day..)

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