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Pledge Alligence to the National Space Agency


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EXCITING NEWS from Australia! 

Today at the International Astronautical Conference (IAC) in Adelaide, our government announced the creation of our very own space agency (different sites have named it different things) 

Maybe it isn't that exciting but it is for someone who is currently wrapping up Uni Apps and looking at future job prospects. Plus we already have a long history of collaboration in space. 

So come on down, pledge allegence to the outback, stay safe in our urban quarenteen centres and crack open a cold one. 

Let the SPACE Boom begin! 

(Also in slightly less exciting news, that same government also announced two hours later that Aus was going to have a gas shortage of 1300 PETRAJOULES heading into 2018 :-( )

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45 minutes ago, stargazer1235 said:

... and crack open a cold one. 

Done, mate.


Let the SPACE Boom begin!

So, the first test dummies will be crocodiles or wallabies ? ^^


Seriously, i didn't know Australia did not have such a thing. Collaboration might be good idea.

Should that be Petajoules ?


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