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15 minutes ago, Bill Phil said:

Man. I always wanted to get a nice work area for Legos, with all the types sorted and everything. I thought about buying up used bricks and grabbing what was good from them...

Hehe. That's what I used to do, until I discovered Pick A Brick and BrickLink. 

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went through a brick link phase. i dont think ive messed with my legos since i got my 3d printer though. ive doune some experiments printing custom bricks, but its easier just doing your build as one piece.

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Nice builds. I mostly do train builds, as you've seen already. My biggest issue is that I don't actually have any special train parts (tracks, motors, wheels). I just build them from 'normal' LEGO pieces.

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i like how easy it is to prototype a robot chassis with lego. considering doing a 3d scanner build. help automate the process of taking the hundreds of photos required for visualSFM, which turns them into a point cloud which you can use to generate model and texture data. its pretty much just a turntable, something to raise and lower the camera while keeping it pointed at the subject and a servo to take the picture. but i dont have a camera with high enough resolution to get good results.

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Love the builds. A few years back I built an epic Southwestern pueblo-style house, with landscape similar to the stuff next to the VTOL. Now I do robotics with EV3 motor parts. Got second place (by one point) in last year's competition.


Note: The following is from a work-in-progress that currently runs over 200 pages in a Word document.


"Then, something awful happened. The robot had to go up a ramp, and it hit it lopsided- and fell off. The program kept running, and the arm attached to the front threw debris across the board. Even worse, it looked like that debris was in the way of our final mission- the one that counted for more than half of our points. I managed to keep from screaming. Tyler grabbed the robot-  there was no alternative, so we had to take the penalty- and stammered, “What should we do?”

          I was over my fear. “Ignore it!” I shouted. “We’ll be fine!” I was ready to take charge of the situation. One more mission went successfully, and then it was time for the critical fourth run- the one that was doomed to fail and make us lose the tournament. As the robot trundled toward the debris, I was surprisingly calm. I didn’t know why- the robot was looking for a black line, and the black debris might confuse it. Best case scenario if that happened, the robot would get misaligned, push the debris out of the way, and we take a penalty grabbing it to try again. Worst case, the robot wouldn’t push it out of the way, but we wouldn’t be able to figure that out until after taking a penalty and running the mission again. Actually, it looked like the robot wouldn’t even get that far- it was heading at an angle to its intended path, and it would hit a wall. My heart was going a million beats per minute.

          Then, a miracle happened. The robot’s tread ran into the debris, but the sensor didn’t see it. Then the strange angle the debris had the robot at made it start to turn. It was drifting right, aligning back onto its proper trajectory- and it was perfect! The robot headed off towards the back of the board and successfully completed its mission."



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Hey look what just came up on Spotify!

I have a couple big buckets of Legos in the basement, haven't been touched in awhile.  Mostly standard pieces, some of them are probably older than I am.


My big thing was K'nex.  Got my first set when I was 6 (right about when they came out, 92-93ish).  Of course now they're trying to be like Lego with bricks and whatnot.

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I used to be totally crazy of it as a kid, building following the plan, then destroying it to conceive my own project (I guess we could classify it as some kind of self-torture passion). Playing with Lego actually made me discover a lot of thing when I was young. I remember having built a large catamaran cruising ship with hundreds of pieces and having ran to the beach to try it... just to see it sinking perpetually when I was placing it on the water. I was so disappointed that I tried to understand why it was not floating, and my dad (who was a long time sailor) simply made me understand the Archimedes' principle. So, I rebuilt it with a long block of air inside the structure, and it floated!

If only one of these seasonal hurricane had not taken all my blocks away during a flood... ;.;


However, I decided to restart again during the last August, after more than 15 years of abstention:


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