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To start off, I would like to credit MajorJim as the original creator of the bearing. Klond and Azimech for developing the modification that uses RCS Balls. Big thanks again to Azimech for showing ways of optimizing the bearing to make it even better and even more reliable.


With that out the way, Here's the actual post. 

I apologize for not existing for so long, there's no reason for it, I was just too lazy to post again. I've made many planes (mostly with spinny propeller things) so today, the one I've picked out for today is...

The DC-3 Dakota (AKA, the C-47 Skytrain)



The DC-3 was an airliner developed in the 1930s and was developed from the earlier DC-2. The DC-3 turned out to be one of the most successful aircraft in the world. What makes it unique compared to most aircraft designed before WWII, the DC-3 is still in (limited) use.

During WWII, the DC-3 was converted into a military transport called the C-47. It was considered one of the best transports during the war.

The replica I've created is down below.






Instructions and Download

1: As soon as the crafts spawns in, turn on the brake.

2: Decouple the propellers and turn on SAS afterward.

3: Switch to one of the propellers using the [ ] keys.

4: If the propeller selected is on the left, hold down ALT and E until the roll indicator in the bottom left has reached completely to the right.

5: If the propeller selected is on the right, hold down ALT and Q until the roll indicator in the bottom left has reached completely to the left.

6: Switch back to the main craft, and turn off the brakes as soon as the propellers are both spinning

7: If done correctly, the plane should start to move. On takeoff, the plane should take off on it's own if left alone with SAS on.

8: Have a nice flight. Try avoiding excess manouevers.

Download (HERE)


Thank you for reading! Sorry I've been away for a while. However, as a sorry gift for keeping you guys waiting, I have a bonus craft down below. Enjoy!


The Bonus aircraft is a Spitfire! (Yes, another one)

But this time, I've improved reliability, and the overall look.

I'm sure you know what a Spitfire looks like, so here's pictures of the IMPROVED replica.





1: Press space to decouple the propeller from the main craft.

2: Turn on SAS on the main craft (NOT THE PROPELLER)

3: Switch to the propeller 

4: Hold down Alt+E until the Roll bar in the bottom left is completely to the left.

5: Switch back to the main craft

6: Don't touch the controls, and it should take off when it gets to 20m/s.

7: Fly like normal, but be gentle when it comes to dives. Don't exceed 80m/s.

Download (HERE)



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