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Kerman Drive Technologies [1.3]


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This mod was previously released under the name KSP Fusion Tech.
Welcome to Kerman Drive Technologies, or KDT for short. Our extensive Space Exploration and Exploitation product catalog has a multitude of useful drives, thrusters, and tools for all your spacefaring needs! Please note we are not liable for damages sustained from crushing g forces.
Kerman Drive Technologies v1.2
By Wheatley13/UbuntuLinuxKing
Reactor models from KSP Interstellar, liscensed under the KSP Interstellar Liscense
Drive models from Space Opera, liscensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0
Fuel Processor and Fuel Tank models + CFGS by Squad
RCS jet models from KSP Interstellar as well
Kerman Drive Technologies flag/logo made on the Epstein Drive Technologies logo from The Expanse
This mod is liscensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, but to be honest I don't really care what you do so long as you give me credit

Kerman Drives (All form factors, 25000 kn 500000 ISP)
Limited Kerman Drives (All form factors, 1000kn 500000 ISP)
Basic Drives (All form factors, 25000kn 5000 ISP)
Limited Basic Drives (All form factors, 1000kn 5000 ISP)
Fuel Processor (All form factors)
Fusion Fuel Tank (All form factors)
Kerman RCS Jets (Radial, high efficiency/thrust)
Reactor (All form factors)


Kerman Drives are high thrust and VERY high efficiency. (Basically for flying in a straight line really, REALLY fast)
Basic Drives have the same thrust as there same-sized counterpart, but they are very inefficient. (Good for missions with lots of actual orbit maneuvers)
Fusion Reactors make lots of power with a little bit of FusionFuel. 
Limited Drives are limited to prevent crushing gforces.
The fuel processor creates Fusion Fuel from ore.


I hope you enjoy! Suggestions, bug reports and stuff like that are welcome, but please make them to the github issues page.

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