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Propeller Driven RCS

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I am currently working on my first mod. I'm making a deep submergance vehicle (inspired by the Alvin) which has 7 thrusters which are used to maneuver. Since they are used similarly to RCS ports in KSP, I thought it would make sense to have them operate as such.  But I'm wondering, should I animate the rotation of the blades in Blender just as you would for a jet engine? And then trigger the animation when the thrusters are used. Similar to how the RCS ports produce the thrust plume effect when they are being used.




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Hmmm... this sounds like an interesting problem.  Sadly I do not think that you can reference standard animations in particle effect definitions (which are what the RCS module uses for the thruster plumes).

As far as existing solutions go, I think FireSpitter -might- have what you are looking for.  I do know that it has support for bladed/propeller driven engines, but I'm unsure if it has been applied to anything RCS related.

If you were up for writing your own plugin script I don't think it would be too hard to code a PartModule to manage an animation to correspond with RCS thruster use.  Again, I think FireSpitter would probably have quite a bit of example code on how to accomplish what you are looking for.

Either way I think you would want to animate the blades in Blender, and reference that animation in the corresponding PartModule (FS or custom).  I think FireSpitter even uses two separate meshes for the spinning blades -- one standard mesh of the actual blades for when RPM is low, and a secondary 'blurred disk' mesh for when RPM is higher -- blending between the two animated meshes through the plugin code and material transparency.

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