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Stock Space Race Replicas

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Hi there,

I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community.

I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments.

Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them.

Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts :) 

I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I haven't build Voskhod yet since it would only be a slightly changed up Vostok. All my craft have acurate replicas of the lifters too. It was important to me, that all lifters and Spaceships have teh original staging

I will include the downlaoad links if you want to download the craft.


Vostok https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Vostok


Mercury https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Mercury


Gemini https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Gemini


Soyuz https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Soyuz


Apollo (15) https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Apollo-15

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Nicely done! I especially like the Soyuz and the Vostok 1. 

Since you asked to see other replicas, I suppose I'll dump some of mine here. Keep in mind some are not finished; like the Saturn N and N1-L3. 


I'll start with Sputnik and try move down chronologically. 


Here it is in orbit:


And Vostok


The Americans answer back with Mercury.


And Mercury Atlas


First American in orbit


Gemini program to prepare for the Apollo missions


And the rocket everyone knows about, the Saturn V


And Finally, the Russians try to answer back with the failed N1-L3 rocket.


I should probably start resizing all the images I post..

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Forgot image for N1-L3
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Nice crafts, guys. So I gave myself a try and made my first stock rocket replica: A Soyuz MS with a Soyuz FG as launch rocket. https://kerbalx.com/no_intelligence/Soyuz-MSFG

I think for a first replica try it looks rather good. But there also is some room for improvement for me...

I really like the shape of the Soyuz system and carzy idea of stuffing a bunch of small engines together instead of using few large ones :confused:




More images on the linked KerbalX Page :cool:


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And... After I built a V2/Aggregat 4 in between, which does not really suite the topic of this thread, I now made a Mercury Redstone! I am pretty much satisfied with how it looks and works, I think it is much closer to the original than my Soyuz. Reason might be its got not even a third of the part count, but... anyway, it is like the original just capable of ballistic flights and features a fancy custom made LES :cool:





More pictures on linked KerbalX page! :)


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Thanks. I found out I don't need an account for imgur (at least I don't think so :P) so ill have better pictures soon. :wink:

So now that that's done, here's a little Mercury - Redstone I did.

So yeah, pretty simple. The parachute staging is wrong, but at least I tried. :)

Not too sure how to get the image to show up without you guys having to go to the link. Sorry :/
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  • 2 months later...

Little big update for you guys: got back to playing KSP and constructing more replicas, so I just wanted to share them with you guys :cool:

I started with taking my already existing Mercury capsule and put it on top of a new Atlas Rocket to make it able archieving a stable orbit.


Afterwards I decided to create a Proton K/M rocket and uploaded it, but then someone reminded me, like, "Jeez, what is a Proton without the 'BLOK-D' as it's fourth stage?!", so i built that one too.

Proton K/M and Proton+Blok-D

So, having finished Proton, which I think turned out to be quite accurate, I got more and more disappointed by the construction design of my Soyuz, so I gave that one a big update with re-designed boosters and a more correct spacecraft/capsule.

Soyuz MS/FG (updated)

So, having finished Soyuz, it was time to construct its predecessor, the first system that put man into space and orbit: Vostok! The rocket was quite easy, because the boosters and the stage in the middle are by looks the same as used by Soyuz, but the upper stage needed to be completely new. Also it took some time to construct Vostok itself and get the little capsule to a shape you could call 'round'.



So... that's it for now. But be assured, as long as there are space-race rockets and ships left I will continue making replicas of them. :)

Anyway, I hope this might have brought this thread back to life a bit, because there are not so many really good replicas of the early manned spacecraft out there, but I think they really deserve it...

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