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"Darkest Fears" - A Blend of "KSP," "Stranger Things," and "It."


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Darkest Fears Title Screen


        Hundreds of metres away, shrouded by a thick blanket of forest, and a tall electrified fence surrounding the complex, within the Hawkins National Laboratory, the Department Of Energy laboratory native to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a small, red light began to flicker on one of the huge banks of buttons, lights, and screens that composed the control room of the laboratory's central test and observation chamber. A beep began to sound as the light flickering became more intense. The little sensor was calling for someone, beckoning for someone -- anyone -- to acknowledge its existence and the danger it posed -- not the danger of the light, but the danger that the light signaled. However, the halls of the laboratory were utterly deserted, not a soul in sight, the entire facility devoid of any signs of life, each and every single door under lock and key. The red light now became constant, not just a flicker, and the beeping was now a constant, ear-piercing drone. Other lights on the console -- green, yellow, and orange -- began to flash, more alarms joining in with the screech that the red light was now constantly emitting -- beeps, whines, clangs, and whirs. A loud and deafening klaxon began to blare over the PA system, alerting everyone to prepare for something -- something big. (...as the two bubbles touched for the first time -- boom.) The klaxon and other alarms now merged into one long, continuous, high-pitched blare, as a huge boom shook the building, dust and plaster falling from the ceiling, the walls shaking violently, the entire facility subject to what felt like an earthquake. And a crack began to run down the side of the wall of the control room. It was a tiny crack, no bigger than one foot long, but it had the potential to have devastating effects. A blinding red light emanated from the crack, and a thick, viscous, green goo began to ooze from it, plastering the walls surrounding it. Tiny plant tendrils -- vines -- began to reach out from the crack, rooting themselves in the wall. A tear in space-time that led to The Upside Down had been opened once again. The constant blaring of the alarms stopped -- the sheer noise had overloaded the PA system -- but the lights still flashed, lighting up and flickering like a Christmas tree with bad wiring. And there was not a soul in sight to notice the potentially fatal and deadly event which was now occurring at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Read the Prologue

Read Chapter 1


The full story was removed from the forums due to the references to blood and violence it contained. That's why I'm hosting it on Google Docs. So, you have been warned.

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Sorry that I haven't uploaded Chapter 2 yet; I hope to upload it by the end of the week. I was planning to stick to a weekly upload schedule, but Real Life gets top priority. And I recently started development on a substantial new mod in my suite, so I have to also slice up my time for that. I haven't found time to finish Chapter 2 yet, as my time is too caught up with RL and modding. However, I have around half of it already done, and I'm confident it will go up by the end of the week. Thanks all of you for your patience!

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Looking forward to this series, looks really interesting. Just so you know though - all that text can be very disconcerting. I would suggest smaller chapters. Since you are using Google Docs one as to scroll down alot and that is the most overwhelming part. This just refers to format, not the story.  

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Well, I'm not uploading each chapter to the same Google Doc -- instead, each chapter is a separate Doc, that way you don't have to deal with a wall of text. Plus, Google Docs seems to squeeze 12 A4 pages of text into half a PC screen, so walls of text wouldn't be a problem there! :)

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