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stuck in low minmus orbit with no option to undock for landing, any solutions?

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In my Youtube series "Operation Minmus Landing" I sent the lander into low Minmus orbit the docked the return vehicle to it but it wouldn't even show the option to undock the the lander, does anyone know a solution to this (that doesn't involve destroying the docking ports)? here's a picture of the two joint spacecraft in minmus orbit with no option of undocking on either of the docking ports: https://imgur.com/9Axfe3G

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At the risk of sounding stupid, but you haven't set the docking ports to act as part of the staging sequence by any chance?  I can only see one stack decoupler in that image, but there are two in the staging sequence?

If you have then maybe hitting the spacebar will do the trick, just make sure you don't activate the real decoupler by mistake.

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