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Kerbal Space Program Ultimate Fighter Competition


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Kerbal Space Program Ultimate Fighter Competition (KSP-UFC)


With the Guidance of Emperor Allister of house Kerman. The Bosognian Empire would now host a gladiator pit-fight between the world's greatest aircraft designer's fighters.

The First set of the competition would be Theme-less and would follow an 8 competitor bracket. The battle would be fought with 2 planes per player with the opposing planes facing each other back-back. No tampering on the planes would be done. If you sent your fighter with an maneuverability even an AI cannot control then that's how it shall battle. The Competitor would be chosen through Random Selection

The Competitors Submission must be sent by E-mail to ultimatefightercompe[email protected] 

Related image

The Competition Shall Impose restrictions on the fighters however the restriction would be light.







Airplane Plus

Aviation Cockpits



Master Tech weapons

Procedural Wings

Adjustable Landing gear



No Gimbaling Turrets

No Gimbaling missile launchers

No Meteor Missile from Master Tech Weapons

Crafts should be 80 parts or less

FAR would not be used

No PAC-3 missiles

Clipping is allowed but Resource Clipping is not allowed


The Clips from the battle would be posted at: 







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