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trajectory mod

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If it doesn't work, it's probably because you are not installing it correctly, you don't have the right version, or you don't have the other mods the mod needs to run.


For the installation, make sure you are not putting the zip file in the gamedata folder and you don't have Gamedata/Gamedata/mod.

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Okay, so first I put the trajectories folder in the squad folder that didn't work so i put the folder in the gamedata folder, didn't work either then i put the contents of the trajectories folder in the squad folder, after that i tried to put the contents in the gamedata folder none of them worked.

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12 minutes ago, alekkat said:

If you install a mod shouldn't I just put the folder in the squad folder?

no, GameData. Squad folder is the stock content, the only folder in GameData by default.

Now, in a broad sense, yes, you just move the files to the GameData folder. However, depending on the mod you should see which files exactly. Sometimes it's the folder that's directly inside the .zip, sometimes it's the contents inside such folder, sometimes it's the contents on the root of the .zip...

Always check installation instructions in the mod's thread!


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33 minutes ago, alekkat said:

okay so I did as the the readme said I extracted the contents in the gamedata folder and it didn't work. I don't know how to put a picture in here but it looks like this:


    -->  contents


Two things are wrong:

  1. ModuleManager is still not installed
  2. You emptied the Trajectories folder directly into GameData; it should be:
       --> Trajectories
           --> contents
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Oops, it looks like the contents of the Trajectories folder ended up in GameData, Assuming you have no other mods installed the only things in GameData should be
-SQUAD (folder)
-Trajectories (folder)
-moduleManager (several files)

Module manager is a mod that allows other mods to change config files. It is required for many mods to work.

Just now, alekkat said:

what's module manager? 


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