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Mod-Idea Teach Kerbals to auto.transport stuff


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Hey short Idea,

I hope there is not add-on like this.

I am planing a big Space Station with shipyard in Orbit of Kerbin. Therefore I need a lot of storage transports to the station.

My idea:

I build a test Rocket with an "Payload Container" on it. The Payload Container carries for example 1t of Cargo and has a specific amount of Space in it.

Before I start the Rocket I have to Click record on an GUI. Then I fly the mission. If I reach the goal , I have to stop the recording. The Plugin saves:

  • Stating place
  • Amount of cargo ( e.g. 1t)
  • How much fuel was used ( e.g. XX Lf+Ox, XX Monoprop)
  • Assembly costs
  • Target of the Cargo (Altitude, inclination,..., Docked/Landed,...)
  • Target of the Rocket
  • Amount of recyclable parts --> lower assembly Costs or deassemble by a Kerbal to get Material Kits
  • Travel-time

After that you can easily transport exactly 1t of cargo to the specific destination by clicking the saved flight. It will be delivered after the Travel time was counted down.

I prefer, that before you can use the delivering support you have to fly a amount of missions with the same vessel. For Example:

  • Runway to Kerbal ground (North Pole) with radius of 1Km by plane, unload the cargo, fly back an land, recycle 100% of the vessel (min. 2 successful missions)
  • Launchpad to docking at Station at (120 Km hight and 0° inc), unload the cargo, fly back to Kerbal and land, recycle the landed stages of the vessel (min.  4 successful missions)
  • Fly with a glider from Duna Station (With shipyard) to Duna ground,  deassemble the ship, Cost will be payed from the MK and SK Cargo of the station (min. 2 successful missions) 
  • ...

The costs of the service will be the Median of all manual flown Missions.


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What you want is broken into different parts. Having a game mechanic where you are required to shuttle resources to and from stations can be accomplished with @RoverDude 's MKS mod.

MKS also includes its own small-scale logistics capabilities (I recall hearing that he intends to expand upon the gameplay mechanics for logistics in the future though). If you're looking for something that better fits your description, then that would be Routine Mission Manager.



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