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Just wondering regarding the loading of asset bundle definitions...


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@SQUADWhen will macOS users be able to launch the game like everyone else?  without the game freezing when it gets to the asset bundles loading message...

Or is it just me? with my security privileges set to near zero.

If this is not on the development roadmap, then please inform me as to why.

Asking for a friend.


Fed up in the UK.

EDIT:  I could be completely off-base here as I am unsure as to what prior update may have fixed this - if so, then I apologise and will install the update you tell me to.

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Well.  I'm a PC user and my loading has always paused when 'Loading Asset Bundles'.  Enough to make me wonder if it has frozen at times, especially with my old rig.  So it possibly isn't a MacOS thing, but just a 'thing' that takes a bit longer to load than other 'things'. 

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