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Low tier SSTO Challenge

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I want YOU (yes you, reading this post right now) to create an SSTO only using stock parts up to tier 5, which is capable of:

Easy : get into Low Kerbin Orbit

Challenging : get into High Kerbin Orbit (>500km)

Even More Challenging : Fly by the Mün (or land for extra credits)

Hard: Fly by Minmus (or land for extra credits)

Extreme : Impress me

... and of course, come back alive.

Wait. This sounds too easy. Lets limit the part count to around 45-ish parts. Yes. Sounds much better.

Good Luck!

----Alex From WolfCo. Aerospace

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3 hours ago, Martian Emigrant said:

What is tier 5?

The first 5 columns on the left of the tech tree?



5 hours ago, Aiden.J said:

Dang man. Sounds fun, i'll be back. SHould i screen record or something? I'll screen record the flight and take pics of the rocket in the SPH.

If your hardware allows you to record a video AND play the game simultaneously, then, yeah, go ahead. But pictures are also good in my eyes.


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