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[1.12] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (June 12, 2022)


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KSP 1.12.x

 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux [2.0.10] 
 Last Updated June 24, 2022


A complete and total rebuild of my old Stockalike Station Parts Expansion project. Everything has been redone, and nothing is left of the old mod! Check out some key features:

  • Small Station Parts:  A full set of 1.25m station parts, with habitats, control rooms, connecting tubes, hubs and much more.
  • Medium Station Parts: Expanding the 2.5m set that stock provides, you'll find greenhouses, structural components, specialized connectors, orbital stowage bays...
  • Large Station Parts:  Yup, large station parts! A full set in the 3.75m size class, from habs to labs to... well, lots more!
  • Reworks: I've taken the time to rework the three stock station components (Cupola, MPL and Hitchiker) to match the new parts. They look the same but new!
  • Inflatable Habitats:  A nice set of inflatable habitats for maximum crew space. They range from teeny to huge.
  • Centrifuges: All size categories have at least one centrifuge habitat. They range from small and cramped to massive and spacious (one of the largest parts I've ever made).
  • Cargo Containers: I really felt like making some multi-purpose cargo containers. These modules will adapt to what mods you have installed, and provide storage for resources from MKS, TAC-LS, USI-LS, EPL and probably a few more that I forgot. 
  • Self-Levelling Base Frames: To help align your bases on slightly bumpy terrain, use these base plates, which feature individually adjustable legs with a self-level function
  • Extensible Crew Connections: Much like the Klaw, but better! Varying lengths and impressive looks!
  • Comprehensive Mod Support: With the help of many forumgoers, this mod contains support for tons of mods, specifically those related to life support and colonization.
  • IVAs: It almost killed me but everything has fully featured IVAs. 

Full integration with all my other mods. Community Tech Tree support. What more could you ask for? Actually, don't answer. 

Full Screenshot Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this mean for Stockalike Station Parts?
A: It is now obsolete and deprecated - no further work will be done. 
It can be installed alongside with no problems

Q: Kerbals for rescue contracts spawn in pods without airlocks! Unacceptable!
A: Download @Shadowmage's Rescue Pod Validator.

Q: How do I abbreviate the mod's name? I'm CONFUSED!

Q: This mod is enormous! How do I deal with the RAM usage?
A: Don't install the IVAs. They are bundled in the Extras folder for a reason. 

Q: Why are all the IVA spaces black in IVA view?
A: . The IVA spaces are not installed by default. Install them if you want this. see next answer for how.

Q: How do I install the IVAs?
A: . CKAN: select the package and install it, it counts as a separate mod. Otherwise, place the folder from Extras into your KSP Gamedata.


  • All code and cfgs are distributed under the MIT License
  • All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under an All Rights Reserved License.
  • All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses.


  Primary (SpaceDock)
  Secondary (CurseForge)  
  Tertiary (GitHub)

Issue Tracking and Source

Special Thanks  

A big hand to @JadeOfMaar, @Dragon01 ,@Stone Blue@Pulsar@Fraz86 and probably more people that I forgot! See the readme!

They were hugely helpful in debugging, writing patches, IVA prop placing and so much more during development.

If you appreciate this project, please consider contributing to my caffeine addiction! I really appreciate it, and also helps justify this time sink to my wife :wink:, which results directly in more models.  btn_donate_SM.gif


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34 minutes ago, Nertea said:

What more could you ask for?

Ooo!  Ooo!  1.875m station parts!

34 minutes ago, Nertea said:

Actually, don't answer. 

Oh.  Well, never mind.  I'll hafta make do with "only" these awesome-looking parts.  :)

Very nice looking from the screenshots.  Now I need to download it and look at it in my own game.  Maybe it's finally time for me to set the modding aside and spend some time actually playing for a change.

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