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[KOS] Lock Steering command doesn't work.

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I'm doing a KOS script for my reusable rocket, and most of the time I have to use the LOCK STEERING command to change the rocket inclinaison.

For example, I want to rotate the rocket retrograde and so I use the command LOCK STEERING TO RETROGRADE.

Habitualy, this commands works perfectly. For example, I have a script that launch the rocket and during all the flight, I use this command to stabilize and change the rocket inclinaison.

But in this script, I really don't know why, it just doesn't want to work properly...

When the command is called, the rocket start to rotate in the good direction, but VERY slowly because it brakes everytime it reaches a good rotation speed....

And when it finally reach the desired rotation, the rocket starts to roll quickly, and never stops.

Then when the rocket enter in the atmosphere, most of the time, the rocket isn't enought stabilized and just crash on the ground.....

What is happening ?!

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10 minutes ago, Yahnyx said:

And when it finally reach the desired rotation, the rocket starts to roll quickly, and never stops.

The likely reason for it rolling once the ship is pointed towards the desired vector is that by default it is trying to match your ship's "up" facing with the "up" facing of the RETROGRADE direction. Try using "LOCK STEERING TO LOOKDIRUP(RETROGRADE:VECTOR,FACING:UPVECTOR)." That creates a direction formed of the vector you want to point towards, with the ship's "up" pointed where it is already facing. It shouldn't keep rolling though - you don't have SAS enabled, do you? If so, turn it off as it'll fight kOS's steering commands.

If you're entering the atmosphere, you may prefer SRFRETROGRADE (surface retrograde) to RETROGRADE (orbital retrograde).

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