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Near Future Propulsion VASIMR engines problem


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I install KSP realism overhaul and game is fantastic with this mod.But i have very big problem.I install  the mod Near Future Propulsion and i have problem with engine  Vasimr.When i launch in orbit rocket and start engine have to low power.In Build place show me the same thinks.I try to modify engine from GameData/NearFuturePropulsion/Parts/Engines but nothing happen.


Thanks :)

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Correct Realism Overhaul support for modded parts is handled through RO itself. Last I checked (admittedly more than a year ago), the patch for Near Future parts that RO shipped was severely outdated, practically to the point of being nonfunctional for plugin-dependant engines like the VASIMRs. At the time I asked if there was interest in me helping to fix it, but received no response at all, so I took it as a "no" and let it be. I don't know how things are nowadays on that front.

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