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SpaceDock.info (Mod Hosting Site)


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URL: https://SpaceDock.info




What is it?

SpaceDock is the largest Kerbal Space Program Mod hosting Site.


Wasnt there Kerbalstuff?

Kerbalstuff was discontinued by its owner.
I (VITAS) was asked to host something to replace it.
Using Kerbalstuffs original code and getting massive help from the community and @SirCmpwn (Kerbalstuff owner) we managed to have a replacement up within 48h.


Why SpaceDock?

I had a spare Domain and i find it fitting.

Can i Help?

Yes! You can Donate Time, Hardware or Money.

We need every good teamplayer (you don't need to be able to code).

For Hardware Donations ask us in chat.

Money  can be donated via Patreon or as Bank Transfer.

(For Bank Transfer ask me (VITAS) in chat)


Where is that Chat?

its on irc.esper.net #spacedock

You can also go onto http://spacedock.info and click on chat.


I dont need SpaceDock i use CKAN!

CKAN gets a lot of its data from SpaceDock.

CKAN doesn't host files it only links to them.


Wheres the code?

You can find the sourcecode on Github:



Where can i post new Ideas and Bugs?





What we are working on now:

We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend.

VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite)

Darklight is working on the backend.

VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup



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Attention Kerbal Space Program Community,

KerbalStuff.com is no more. SpaceDock.info now carries the torch!

So, what's the state of things?

WEEKLY STATUS as of Thurs May 5 UTC:

1. SpaceDock: IS LIVE and FULLY OPERATIONAL! (and comes with a new facelift!)

2. Please continue to report all issues, via the GitHub issue tracker here: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/KerbalStuff/issues 

Critical Known Issues:

  • If need manual activation of your username (if you don't get your confirmation email) please seek out darklight on #spacedock on IRC espernet or send @godarklight a PM on this forum with your SpaceDock username to get manually activated if you are unable to receive your confirmation email.



We want to thank @SirCmpwn for what he did for KerbalStuff.com and his willingness to assist with getting our developers familiar with the initial setup of the KerbalStuff engine used for SpaceDock. KerbalStuff.com was an awesome site. We can only hope to meet it and aim to exceed what it provided to the community. We're sad to see him go.

In spite of the difficult road ahead, I personally think this event was one of the KSP mod community's finest hours. :) We're pulling together, probably more than we have ever done so before... and building a new home. One that will be better than the former.



1. How is this being paid for?

A: ok...well let's start with some stats from @SirCmpwn
Interesting stats from Google Analytics:

4,948,349 total sessions
993,550 total unique visitors
19,083,579 total page views
03:11 - average length of visit

bandwidth use is 10-20TB / month

Kerbal Stuff costs about $100/mo to operate. After upgrades to support the high traffic, it would be about $180/mo.

At about $50-100 a month the project may require some assistance from the community. Currently the team has enough volunteers and donors to get the project re-started on solid footing for a while though. The new website will feature a means to donate if you'd like (and I'm sure the guys working on this would be able to finally get some pizza for all their efforts and make it even better as it goes along!).

Update: Here is the SpaceDock Official Patreon Donation link to help SpaceDock pay for monthly expenses: 



2. Who's working on this project?

A: You can find our curent team list here: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock/wiki/SpaceDock-Team

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SpaceDock update status, midnight UTC
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15 minutes ago, inigma said:


We want to thank /u/SirCmpwn for 20(!) months of dedication, blood, sweat, and frustration.


We should also thank and credit for making sure that KerbalStuff was open source to be able to recreate his work.

And thank him for the few thousand dollars he invested of his own money too, not just blood and sweat.



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25 minutes ago, inigma said:

as we are lining up what'll be needed to get KerbalStuff going again: a website, content hosting, people to help out with web development. The CKAN team has stepped up big time, and we want to express our appreciation for that.

Amazing stuff! :) 

One question though, what about the money issue? As far as I read, part of the reason KerbalStuff has gone is the hosting costs for such a large amount of content / traffic.

In the "goodbye note" it was said $180 per year was needed for sufficient hosting services going forward. If the new KerbalStuff is going to work on the same foundation as old (Though you've made it pretty clear it won't exactly), that's $2,160 a year!

It sounds like you are going to "crowd-source" bandwidth and storage, hope it works out :) (I really do not want to move onto Curse).

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Please forgive an out-there feature suggestion, but assuming that the site eventually gets into good working order, it would be really cool if CKAN's GUI could someday:

  1. Look in its download cache folder
  2. Identify files that were downloaded from the new site
  3. Sum the sizes of the files to estimate the bandwidth that was consumed to download them
  4. Print a "fair share estimate" donation to cover the costs of that user's usage (total cost of site / total downloads since launch * my bandwidth used)
  5. Possibly prorate in some of the previous owner's expenses if an arrangement can be worked out
  6. Show a donate button

We're very used to seeing "it takes money to run this site" and "please donate" messages, and they're increasingly easy to ignore. But if you could directly tie my usage to a specific calculated dollar amount, then not only is there a greater feeling of responsibility for the costs that the site has incurred on my behalf, but we would have a better sense of just how much it would take to get squared up. And if most people's share ended up being <$1, as it sounds like it might, then you might even be able to start a rainy day fund for replacing hardware, etc.

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Thank you all for stepping up!

Just throwing this out there for consideration... (Be kind on your feedback). Why not have the automated emails whenever a mod is updated be a premium feature you subscribe to for like $1 a month. It gets a tiny bit of the funding through a feature that is not critical to the use of the site. This and a donate banner or Patreon, etc.

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4 minutes ago, godarklight said:

We'll deal with the costs/donations etc after we get the site up and running and prove it's stable :P, but for now it's going on someones server they've always had, but never really used.

@Majiir? When KS was hosted for free there I think it was almost as good as Github.

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Currently VITAS runs things on https://www.hetzner.de/ - The server costs look closer to about $50USD a month. Kerbalstuff needs about 10-20TB/month of bandwidth.


EDIT: Majiir used to have a beefy server but he was away when this happened - But I *think* he no longer runs that server. If he does that's another option.

Edited by godarklight
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53 minutes ago, MatterBeam said:

Thank you!

Question: If I decide to open a new account and submit my mods under the same name, will I be in conflict with the previous kerbalstuff data?

As long as enough info is given to match up the new hosting with the old, and you keep your versioning consistant, CKAN should be able to pick up the new hosting without any problems for current and future versions. Adjusting old versions to be downloaded from a new host would be more complicated. I suspect trying to run modded old versions of KSP is going to become largely impossible.

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