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Retina resolution issues

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I just installed KSP on a new 13" MacBook Pro 2017.  I was having some very bad problems until I found the post about using -force-opengl on macOS High Seirra.  That has helped a lot, but I am still having trouble with screen resolution.

In windowed mode, whatever resolution I pick the window will be 1.6-2x as large, depending on what scaling I have selected for the display in System Preferences.  In fullscreen mode, even if I set the resolution to match the hardware native resolution (2560x1600), the image is really poor quality: it's obviously been scaled to (something like) 1280x800 and then scaled back to 2560x1600.

Setting lower resolutions makes the problem less obvious, but the image quality is generally lower than it should be.

How do I get KSP to use the full resolution of the screen, or at least scale the image only once rather than twice between rendering it and displaying it?

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I also had constant crashes on my MacBook. For me the --force-opengl didn't work, but instead I found out that turning off WiFi helped me. I know that this does not exactly answer your question, but maybe the problem lies within OpenGL?

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KSP is sadly not compatible with screen resolutions higher than 1080p. In order to overcome this in macOS, follow these steps:

1. In the Finder, choose the KSP application so it's highlighted, but don't open it.
2. Choose Get Info from either the File menu, or right clicking
3. Place a checkmark next to "Open in Low Resolution"

This will enforce KSP to natively run in 1080p resolution. BTW, this is not something KSP -specific, if you're having similar trouble with any other game or app yo can do the same thing.

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