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Are there any working telescope mods that anyone knows of?  I know Tarsier used to have one that was OK but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work, or at least the forums post about it seems dated.  I'd like to build a Kubble, or James Kebb telescope that actually functions (for asteroids, planets, moons).  Even having a ground based one would be cool.

Thanks for any help!

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20 minutes ago, invision said:

D-magic orbital science 


This one doesn’t work though (as in you can’t actually zoom with it)

as for Tarsier, it is still maintained. Have you looked in this thread?

Doesn‘t work for 1.4.1 yet though.

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Have a lot of cameras, you may want to use Janitor's Closet to disable the ones you don't want.

Always bugged me that the stock game don't have any type of camera to attach to the vessels. You are sending the first lander to Duna, or probe to Jool, and will not take any picture of that?!

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