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Can't properly spawn 2nd vessel.


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I'm trying to spawn a 2nd vessel, but when it does it doesn't get created in orbit even though the node is supposed to spawn it in orbit. Additionally, my 1st vessel suddenly begins to move along the ground when the 2nd spawns in too. I set vessel 2 to spawn at a 12km orbit above the mun.


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I can't seem to get the video to play at greater than 360p, which makes very difficult to recreate what you're doing to test.  Could you upload it in better quality?  Or post the mission so far so we could look at it?

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@SanderB, I just had the same problem last night. You're not showing the info for the "spawn vessel" node on the right, so I can only guess, but my issue was that, even though I said to spawn "in orbit", between the "in orbit" designation and the "celestial body" designation, it said "launch site"; meaning one of the launch platforms. This made the game go nuts and my other ship to shoot across the surface for no reason. I think it's telling it to put it in orbit and on the ground at the same time, which makes it wig out.

Click on the "in orbit" and change it to "landed" or something, then change it back to "in orbit". That should get rid of the "launch site" designation in the middle. The @SQUAD guys are on vacation for Easter, but hopefully they'll look at this one when they get back. I imagine there are plenty more. The Mission Builder seems to be pretty involved, so I suspect stuff like this is going to keep popping up until they get it all nailed down. I think the next update's gonna be a substantial one.

Anyway, hope this helped.

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2 hours ago, SanderB said:

This issue seems to have been fixed in the mean time. I now do not have this issue anymore, the mission simply started function as intended.

It was one of the issues fixed in the 1.4.2 update yesterday. So we obviously weren't the only ones seeing this. Glad they knocked it out.

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