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[Mod Request] Action group for the klaw's "Free Pivot" option


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I've been doing a lot of mechanics with stock propellers recently and have started incorporating klaws to make them gimbal slightly. I was surprised to find that there is no action group to toggle the pivot state from "locked" to "free", especially considering that time warping or changing scene with the pivot free causes a bad bug (it resets the right click menu state to "free pivot" again despite it already being free, pressing it again removes all gimbal limits on the hinge and causes other bad stuff). Having to open the action menu and toggle the pivot state of each klaw each time I relaunch the craft is a bit tedious, so I decided to post a request in hopes that someone could throw a quick mod together to add the option to toggle pivot state in action groups?

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12 minutes ago, Avera9eJoe said:

if I knew how to code :P

It's never too late to learn...

There are plenty of modders here that came into KSP modding with zero coding experience.

The reality is that in all of the years on these forums I can't remember seeing a modder just waiting around to spend their free time coding a mod for someone else, for free.  Most have gotten into modding after having something they wanted in game and turning their idea into reality.  So likely if you actually want something like this, you will have to watch some tutorials and get coding :D

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I've dabbled in it a bit but didn't get anywhere sadly. It's just not my thing :P I'll stick with texture and config file editing. Was hoping someone with experience could whip some something fast for this, it doesn't sound like a complex problem.

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