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[KrakenTech ye been warned!] "Turbotron Rotor 6" Stock semi-cyclic, gimbaled rotors for your flying pleasure

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I thought this might interest a few of the propeller veterans :) Here's a highlight I exported from last nights stream:



Craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dun4pe5g1xu632d/! TR6-SemiCyclicGimbal I - LiftTest.craft?dl=0


This started out as a PM with @Azimech and after some interesting ideas from @luizopiloto regarding using klaws and some TWR calculating wizardry by @SumGuy and a few others who popped up in stream, I've come up with that I might call the most ridiculous advanced full stock propeller to date.


There's two main factors being used in each engine: (1)The two klaws tucked inside the cargo bays, and (2)the six klaws holding each fan blade.

  1. The klaws in the bay are used to add some extra sway to the engine while still being able to hold 250+ tons. They act as a "gimbal" of sorts letting the engine move left/right and up/down but without rotating.
  2. The klaws connected to each fan blade let the blade pivot around freely. This lets each blade change it's pitch depending on where it is in the spin cycle, tilting up when it's at the bottom and down when it's at the top like a swash plate. Since klaws don't rotate the angle of each blade is kept the same.


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