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Paired Docking ports will not show "undock" options, and so cannot undock

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In kerbin orbit, I've been working on a large assembily.


However, I found that the nuclear tug attached to the docking arm is not giving me the option to undock, from either the tug side or the docking arm side. I can undock the docking arm from the ship proper, which I've done in the meantime for base management, and all the other docking ports seem to be working as well as usual, but that one pair is not cooperation.

This is a KSS install under Kopernicus, With Roverdude's stocklike warp drive and Kerbal Engineer. Base install is 1.3.1

I have of course attempted swapping ships, returning to space center, and even closing and reopening the game.

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1d 3h 22m to Jool launch window and ... same hang-up []


The Undock button was there and I clicked it.  But although the UI has been updated, we do not have separation.

I went into the .sfs file and programmed Custom05 onto one of those ports to manually unhinge it, but no separation.  Can't see anything else odd about the dock states either.

Also noted that the port was staged.  Found its coupler in the staging bar and separated it into its own stage and dragged it down to stage next and then fired it with the Space bar.

Well, there's always Duna opening up in 46d...

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On 7/1/2018 at 7:29 AM, DoctorDavinci said:

So I remember there was a bug that would cause this same thing to happen KSP v1.1.3 but was seen in v1.3 last fall

Here's a link to the thread, take a look as it will likely help :wink:


Err.... I don't see a link DD....

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