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Raidernick's Historical Rockets, Probes and Stations


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This is a handy post for links directly to Raidernick's awesome historical craft threads:

Antares & Cygnus

This pack includes the Antares and Cygnus spacecraft.

Salyut Stations

This pack includes the Salyut and Almaz station parts.


This pack includes the original designed and actual Skylab.

Soviet Probes & Soviet Rockets

This pack includes the Luna, Sputnik, Molniya and Polyot probes along with the R7, Soyuz, Proton and Zenit rockets.

Soviet Spacecraft

This pack includes the Soyuz, Vostok, Voskhod, LOK and LK spacecraft.

US Probes Pack

This pack includes all probes ever launched by NASA and the US military.

US Rockets

This pack includes the launch stages for use in the US Probes Pack.

US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack

This pack includes the solar panels from the US and Soviet parts packs.

For the gallery of the contents of all these mods please click here.


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Removed redundant licensing info, see below
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It's fine to put up a post that links to your favorite mods... however, this post itself isn't an add-on release, so therefore moving it to Add-on Discussion.

@Olympic1, just a note that I've removed the "license" section from the end of your post, for a few reasons.  Details in spoiler.

  • Unnecessary.  Every mod is required to post its license in its own thread, which presumably raidernick's mods do.  Therefore, since they have their own license information, no need to repeat it here.
  • Maintainability issues.  There's no guarantee that raidernick won't change any or all of his licenses, over time.  If-and-when that happens, any statement of licensing here would get out of sync, and could mislead people.
  • Not your mods.  Best to let raidernick's mods speak for themselves.  :)

Thank you for your understanding.

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