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Shower thoughts


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A tinderbox contains flint, firesteel, and tinder.

The flint consists of SiO2.
SiO2 is present everywhere, even on the Moon.

The firesteel is made of metal.
Unlike the obsolete iron ones, the modern firesteels are made of lantanoid alloys.
There presumably are lantanoids on the Moon, and their may be the purpose of the planned Moon bases.

The tinder is a piece of dry organics.
On the Moon they can take the cellulose from naptins and towels.

The firewood can be grown in a greenhouse.

But how are they going to light the napkin tinder with the sparks when there is no oxygen on the Moon to burn???

Are they going to fire a campfire inside the habitat? Will the lunar habitats be equipped with fireplaces?

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Ancient cultures around the Mediterranean knew that certain objects, such as rods of amber, could be rubbed with cat's fur to attract light objects like feathers.

Every time when they were rubbing an amber rod with a skinned cat's fur, they were noticing that it began attracting bird feathers suddenly brought closer, and this was amazing them very much.

Daily routine of Ancient Greece. It was just another Tuesday...

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about the UFObject landed at Lake Huron:


CNN reported that the object was “octagonal” with strings hanging off and no discernible payload.

It was also mentioned that this object is smaller than the <...> surveillance balloon that was shot down previously.

“I'm not going to categorize them as balloons. We're calling them objects for a reason,” <...>

It's a Lead Zeppelin with Probodobodyne OKTO as command pod.

Maybe with antigrav repulsors from Kerbal Foundries.
It's nice. The previous ones were powered with Kerbal Balloons, which are also great.

Anyways... Kerbals are coming???

Is it a promo-action of the KSP-2 release?








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Not exactly a shower thought, but I was reading through the comments of a YT video (I don't remember what it was, maybe the Azerbaijan anthem or something-A really good song BTW, check it out), and someone who wasn't a native English speaker apologized for his "bad English" when the comment was 100% grammatically correct, and I realized how at least half of native English speakers don't really bother with grammar and spelling on the internet. I guess that says something.

Just found this which sums up what I said above pretty well:

Sorry for my english - 9GAG

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If have  a look at the antipod map



you immediately realize that:

  • Both East- and West- Indias are just two coasts of the same Indian Ocean Gulf in the middle of the map.
    So, they are indeed two halves of the same Indian land.
  • All numerous Guineas/Guyanas/etc.  (including even Papua) are a chain of lands, crossing the Atlantics.
    So, it's indeed the same land, too.
  • In the middle of Atlantics there is a huge landmass, known as Atlantis. It's Australia.
    Btw look, the American and Australian marsupials live much closer to each other on such map.
  • The Arctic and Antarctic lands are same, just opposite. So, it's very correct to give them these same names.
  • The Earth is twice excessive. Many lands doubling each other.

So, there is no other option than conclude that in Medieval and earlier the Earth was looking that strange, and then was optimized.

  • Great India was splitted in Asian and American.
  • Great Guinea was splitted and scattered.
  • Atlantis disappeared in Atlantics, remaining only in Pacific.
  • Arctic land disappeared.
  • The Earth became a simple sphere.

Such sad Great Topological Cataclysm.

Btw, the territories with most complete documented history (Eurasia, Central America, Africa) are almost not affected by this theory, as they don't have antipods.

Did someone notice that it's the 100th page of the thread?

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Phenomenology teaches that we are our brains and we are our bodies, but we are also our perception and everything our eyes see and our ears hear and every extremity of knowledge we interact with. Our homes and our hobbies and jobs and whole people we know live, in some sense, half within us. This is hard for most of us brought up in a moral way in which existence is intrinsically tied to responsibility, where action and free will are the presupposed foundation of being. We think we must be responsible for our brains and our bodies (though we are mostly wrong) but we cannot possibly be responsible for our environment and everything we perceive. On reflection it seems though very obvious that we are not in control even of what lies within our own skin. Thoughts come unbidden. Our bodies betray us. There is no evidence of free will. It is a conceit, an arrogant self-deception. We are just conduits for meaning. Life doesn’t just happen to us, nor is it something we conjure of the aether. Life is a thing that passes through us and is of no one’s accord. 

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I woke up this morning feeling so in love with KSP!   (I had to take a shower and then go downstairs to play KSP.)

KSP is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  And/or coffee...


(I've never run the experiment to find out which (coffee or KSP) and the relative correlation -- and I ain't going to run that dang experiment, neither!)




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On 3/14/2023 at 12:30 AM, Maria Sirona said:

If i don't give a damn, that means i do not care at all. But how much do i care if i give, say, five damns?

Too damn much?

I'll be damned to heck if I don't damn well care, dammit!

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In the Star Wars galaxy, an imperial officer gave Han the surname "Solo" because he didn't have any. What if it is standard procedure in the Empire to give people with no surname the one "Solo", and there are actually a big bunch of Solos around the galaxy???????????????

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10 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

In the Star Wars galaxy, an imperial officer gave Han the surname "Solo" because he didn't have any. What if it is standard procedure in the Empire to give people with no surname the one "Solo", and there are actually a big bunch of Solos around the galaxy???????????????

True story: When my father enlisted in the Army in 1939, he told them that he had no middle name. Because he had no middle name, his parents never gave him one. The sergeant at the enlistment center looked at him and said, "You can't enlist without a middle name. Your middle name is Winfred." And that's what went down on his enlistment paperwork, and it followed him all the way through his enlistment. So much so that on his gravestone, which was paid for by the DoD, he has a middle initial of W.

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