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[Fixed]Delta-V number increasing despite any changes to maneuver

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Good morning, ladies and gents.

My KSP was getting rather buggy lately, but it didn't really bother me too much until now, as a feature that is most vital to the gameplay, the Delta-V-Meter next to the navball, started adding hundreds of meters/second by every real-time second.

Attached here is a screenshot confirming that the maneuver node was not changed, and yet the game thinks that the number is being altered.



I really hope that someone can give me advice on how to fix this.

EDIT : Deleted BetterTimeWarp, problem got fixed.

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I use BetterTimeWarp and I've experienced this a few times myself, but never quite that bad.... that's insane. Usually I'd get a couple of meters per second per second at most. If this is an issue with BTW, do you have a suggestion for an alternative timewarp mod?

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