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What have we here? Reusable, and low part-count spacecraft verging on total coverage of the kerbal solar system.
What we don't have here yet is any of my station parts. Let me know if I've done something horribly wrong here, I'm pretty new.

Not all craft as pictured. Provided with no warranty or implied suitability for purpose. By flying these spaceships you consent to Take-Two brushing their teeth with your brush while you're out of the house.


Things with wings



SP-8c Spatha

Wait, I can explain. I had an old spaceplane that would have ended up pretty much like this after the mk3 engine mount came out if I hadn't gotten frustrated with mounting the engines symetrically and come on here to see how you guys were getting on. Rune was geting on quite well and had virtually the same plane, so I just took that and modified it for my purpose. This Can fly direct to Laythe from the runway, I've also got a tanker variant and one that's come full circle with a cargo bay for part recovery contracts.


SP-21 Lightning
I tried to make a short range plane with enough thrust that it could blast directly into a station intercept from the runway, even if things weren't quite perfect alignment wise. It can't do that. It can barely make  it to my station at all, but looks fantastic the whole time it does! It got it's SP designation since it technically does work and fulfil a mission. Maybe I'll come up with a way to upgrade it someday. I thought it's design made it worthy of inclusion here.



SP-27 Razorback

This one predates the 21. I periodically clear out my ""X-planes" and retire their numbers. This one always had promise, and so was never retired. I recently revisited the design with the intention of making it a medium-range spaceplane, better suited to rescue contracts or making multiple stops  before returning to KSC. It makes orbit with about 2000m/s left. I've got it to 2200 with and agressively optimised flight plan. Mind the tail on takeoff.



SP-36 Ranger
Here's another that just squeaks up to my space station. It's purpose is to be lil' and operate out of a station at Laythe, I'm confident it can handle the task since I've been rotating crew at Kerbin with it, but time will tell. I have 2 of these on the way right now.



Obligate Spaceships



Manned CTV

Ansel Adams said that the best spaceship is the one you have with you. This is the cellphone camera of space. It has decent torque, vernors for translation, and a bit more thrust than is strictly necessary. It great for assembling spacestations, rotating crew and acting as a service module for landers on high-inclination missions. If you happen to be moving a large fuel tank across the solar system, this little guy's got your back there, too.


Service Vessel

This is my oldest still-serving design, dating back to .25. I initally built it as a reusable service module/transfer stage for interplanetary missions. It does that still sometimes, mostly it's used as interplanetary transport and the occasional rescue.


Cargo Vessel II


  • irresponsibly large
  • ample cargo space
  • plenty of d/v

This ship is for moving station parts around, or landers, rovers, whatever. Two whatevers even. Just go nuts. It’s based around my space station core, so it can even act as a station itself if kitted out properly.


Things with wheels



Rover 6


This has proven to be my most popular thing on kerbalx so far. Couldn't tell you why. I guess people like driving around on Kerbin.

If YOU like driving around on kerbin though , boy oh boy, have I got a treat for you! This sucker is fast and stable. it can flip itself upright with sas torque. It looks like the stand-up guy offspring of and an F1 car and a baja racer. It's got VTOL too.

I've got a marginally more useful vaccum version ready for testing, so expect that.


Rig Pig IIX


A mobile base, smaller than I've seen them usually built around here. It's got every sensor, experiment, anything you might need on a base. Only compromises being the small crew compliment and the fact that it's not very fast





This one has no compromises. Not even one. Tank steering allows it to reach ludicrous speed. The big wheels, semi-flexible body, and Mk3 construction allow it to maintain that speed safely. It, too has every experiment, every kerbnet sensor, ISRU, the whole shebang. Its vtol is enough to reach orbit on a sizable sample of moons and planets.

Inexplicably, people seem to not like this one as much as Rig Pig. This one's bigger. That means it's better, get with it.




This section's pretty sparse at the moment. I've got the kerbal solar system pretty well covered with just a couple designs, but I've got a couple more optimised solutions for duna in testing and I'm puzzling about a way to get up and down on Eve.

Simple Lander III
This is a pretty old craft. There was a Simple Lander IV, but this was too hard to top. It can get down and up again on any planet or moon lighter than Duna. I suspect Duna itself could be a possibility if one took better advantage of the atmosphere on descent. I've got a variant deployed that should do the trick there more comfortably and less theoretically.



Cargo Lander II


I was trying to come up with a way to lift ore, and it hit me all at once:

1. Regular old rockets are good at lifting, and 

2. There's significant overlap in design criteria for a cargo lander and a Tylo lander.

The numbers suggest this should be able to land cargo on Tylo even, as long as it's refueled on the surface. It remains to be seen if this is the case however. It certainly can SSTO on Kerbin if you stick nosecones over the docking ports. Pictured landing on Mun, not Tylo, with a Landship installed into the cargo area.


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I had done something horribly wrong
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1 hour ago, klond said:

 Nice photos.  I like the Cargo Vessel II, the way the front end is put together.  And the Landship is a futuristic bus in the best way.

Thanks. Those two craft have pretty similar front ends, I feel like the cupola's one of the more industrial-spaceship-looking cockpits we have.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Pretty nice stuff! I'm glad to have served as the inspiration to get another builder to show us his particular style. I might 'inspire' that wheel arrangement on the landship myself, actually...


Rune. Sincerest form of flattery and all that. :)

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On 6/28/2018 at 10:52 AM, Rune said:

Pretty nice stuff! I'm glad to have served as the inspiration to get another builder to show us his particular style. I might 'inspire' that wheel arrangement on the landship myself, actually...


Rune. Sincerest form of flattery and all that. :)

I think the sincerest form of flattery might be having one of the oldest and most accomplished builders on the forums have something nice to say about my craft. I built my very first SSTO way back in .20 after dissecting one of your designs, too. I'll be interested to see what you do with landship's wheel arrangement since your surface equipment is usually smaller modules.

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  • 5 years later...

Been on a journey to try and find who made these designs, as a lot of them are not available online anymore for some reason. Someone on the main KSP subreddit pointed me to this thread.

I'm very impressed with your designs, they are very elegant - I worked to reproduce your Razorback and my reproduction was less efficient than your craft. I'm now in the process of sending a SP-36 Ranger to test it on Laythe where I've never been before.

How come these designs are missing from KerbalX now?

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