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Thank you, devs!!!! :D

The Minmus Derp

Do you like KSP?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you like ksp?

    • Yes
    • No (no one will vote this probably)
  2. 2. How much?

    • It's nice, but i have one or two games that i prefer.
    • It's kinda meh.
    • It could be WAY better. (most likely no one will vote this and #5)
    • I HATE IT!

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So far, KSP has been the best game i have ever played. I have been playing it since 0.90 and it has been awesome. I do NOT miss the old parts though.

I want my 1000 hours wasted playing KSP back! So i can waste them playing KSP again.

The Kerbal Players Guide has also been a big help.


1. 2. 3...

KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!! i wish there was a font bigger than 72.

@SQUAD, @JPLRepo, @TriggerAu, any other dev that I am forgetting about at the moment, look at this!

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The questions looked like a challenge to me, so I voted for the ones you tagged most improbable. It was surprisingly easy...


I like messing with statisticians. My therapists hated me too. :D

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It's an awesome game, that had its great times, but the whole 1.4.x catastrophe has dulled my enthusiasm a bit...

If there was a KSP 2 beyond the horizon, I do hope they write a roadmap first and then develop the game, so as to avoid having the next jury rigged mess...

Oh and yes, without mods, KSP is totally unplayable for me. Why? Because most stock parts are just ugly, and the Kerbal solar system lucks too plain without clouds and all the other VFX added by mods. And the lack of some essential realism mods...

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Time has come for a KSP 2.0. The game is aging badly for ppl with thousands upon thousands of hours into it. Visually it stinks like a game from the late '90s, unless using VFX mods that get broken over and over again from updates. Game code is a spaghetti mess with numerous bugs that are re-introduced each update. Performance is crap if you have a major construction. 

I sincerely believe that it is high time to start from scratch. And also give people a stock choice in a future 2.0 between RSS and "regular size" so we are not dependent on slow mod updates. Regular size Kerbin offers no challenge for experienced players. 

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