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Recreate A Non-KSP Footage!

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Yep, the challenge is simple. Recreate a footage or photo outside KSP (Other games are fine) inside KSP.

Rules, for those who still don't understand what I'm trying to mean & those I can think of

  • Include the original video / picture. No original footage, no compromise. Some of us don't know what you're trying to mean without the original footage.
  • Declare your achievements, and your total point, together with your submissionme when lazy to actively judge stuff be like lol
  • If it's a video, you may use the audio from the original video, as long as Picture and/or video is made in KSP.
  • Artworks are allowed. It could be a movie / game release poster, or an official proposal drawing of something like a rocket, plane, etc.
  • A user can post up to infinite amount of entry, as long as at least ONE user enters a submission, then the user before user B can enter another submission. No doublepost, in short.
  • Cheats are not allowed, sorry. Only Autostrut, Unbreakable Joints & Kerbal Joint Reinforcement allowed. Decouplers, wings, structural panels, etc. are fragile, bends and bows, isn't it?
  • Mods are allowed. Recreating a formation flight in KSP is quite hard without Burn Together, isn't it? Except if you put two crafts and moving it away using the 'Offset' tool.
  • Moving craft using Vessel Mover or Making History is allowed, but if you moved your subject using another vehicle, grab some bonuses below.
  • Adding filters will... uhh... check out the Bonus Points section.

Bonus Points (aka Achievements), of those I can think of

  • [20 Points] Contestant! - You've joined. I give this to kickstart your mood.
  • [30 Points] Photoshop Skills? - Add filters to your picture. For now, I'll ban "Negative", "Colour Inversion" or any similar filter. It's an eyesore, am I right, guys?
  • [30 Points] Exact Replication - Your craft (If involved) has (At least near-same) exact same parameters as their real-life counterparts.
  • [35 Points] Interesting - Your footage is interesting / attractive.
  • [40 Points] Nat Geo Wild - Recreate a documentary on animals, or recreate a shot with animals involved. Oversized animals are allowed, but all the other animals involved in the current shot must also be oversized in the same scale if even an animal went oversized. Do you got what I mean?
  • [40 Points] Useful Information - Add a narration (Only applies for videos, picture entry with captions will not receive this award). Narration from original footage is allowed.
  • [45 Points] MIND BLOWING!!!!11!!11111!!!ONEONE!!!1!ONE!!1! - Did I need to explain furthermore?
  • [50 Points] DEJA VU! I'VE JUST BEEN AT THIS PLACE BEFORE, HIGHER ON THE STREETS! - Do an Initial D-style drift. Kerbinside & Kerbal Konstructs are recommended, since these mods have hill roads to drift at.
  • [60 Points] Straight Out Of 2012! - Recreate one of the scenes from the film 2012.
  • [60 Points] Kard Rock - Recreate a rock concert, picture or video.
  • [65 Points] EDM Seems To Be Picked Up By Kerbals... - Recreate an EDM Concert footage, of whatever artist you prefer; Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Deadmau5, etc.
  • [70 Points, 50 Kudos Point] Teleported Into KSP - The footage subject is exactly at the same coordinate as its real-life counterpart. Good luck searching for one.
  • [80 Points, 75 Kudos Point] Some Ole' Thing Teleported Into KSP - The footage subject is from before Internet became commercially available (Late-1980s - Early-1990s) and exactly at the same coordinate as its real-life counterpart. Good luck searching for one.


  1.  @klond - 120 Points
  2.  @Laie - 85 Points
  3.  @purpleivan - 85 Points


[Badges Coming Soon]


I'd like to say here, that challenges should be tagged with :

By Vehicle

planes - If the challenge involves planes regardless of role / category, in other words, a challenge for any plane with airbreathing jets / turboprops (Contraprops fall under this category, depends on what engine it's powered, if pistons power this, then it falls there) / pistonprops / electricprops) Fighter contests must also use this tag.

fighter - If the challenge involves fighter aircraft. Fighter aircraft contests should use this

launch vehicle -  If the challenge involves spacecraft launch vehicle designs and/or maneuvering / handling.

spacecraft - If spacecraft is the subject of the challenge / involves spacecraft.

watercraft - If the challenge involves watercraft (Boats, Ships, Submarines).

others - If none of those meets your challenge.

By Objective

landing - If the challenge is an aircraft landing contest (E.g @Klapaucius's K'yangtze Bowl / Rivermouth Landing challenge)

circumnavigate - If circumnavigation is the point (Thanks to the fact circumnavigation challenges are about to become a trend here)

photo - If taking pictures (e.g my challenge, @Triop's Temple Selfie challenge) are the point of the challenge.

race - If it's a race.

others - If none of those meets your challenge.

PM me on any more tags to add.


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1. @purpleivan has been added to the Leaderboard. 2. Female is now no longer a subject in this challenge.
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Not sure if it even counts, as the original only ever existed as artwork. Mass, size and overall  performance data approximate the original draft, though, so it requires RSS. On Kerbin, the third stage can almost SSTO.


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On 1/1/2019 at 8:04 PM, Laie said:



Not sure if it even counts, as the original only ever existed as artwork. Mass, size and overall  performance data approximate the original draft, though, so it requires RSS. On Kerbin, the third stage can almost SSTO.


85pts total.

  • Contestant! - Thanks for joining.
  • Exact Replication - Usage of RSS.
  • Interesting - We're curious on what's the name that rocket.

..., what's the name of this rocket BTW?

Anyways, artworks count. Check the OP, I've updated it.


On 1/3/2019 at 8:50 AM, klond said:

Repost from @Castille7's shark expedition co-lab.

Image result for jaws poster



120pts Total. Winner so far...

  • Contestant! - Since you've joined.
  • Interesting - Never met a shark replica in KSP before...
  • Nat Geo Wild - The shark BTW...
  • Exact Replication - The shark's mouth might be a but bigger than a Kerbal, but still counts.


It is the OP gets updated my dudes. (Ohhhhhhhhhh)

Anyways, OP Update...

Edited by FahmiRBLXian
damn typo should be sued until the end of the world
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3 minutes ago, FahmiRBLXian said:

..., what's the name of this rocket BTW?

Some backstory: When the US army was mostly done with the V-2 rockets and the german scientists that came with it, Wernher von Braun found himself with a lot of spare time on his hands. He drew up general plans for a flight to Mars, as well as a shuttle to carry all the required materiel to orbit. Fully reusable, too. He called it a "ferry rocket" which was just a bland descriptive term (and a germanicism, I guess).

Of course, since then it has become the "Wernher von Braun Ferry Rocket". Behold the power of capital letters.

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I've got a few images from my 2001: A Space Absurdity and 2010: The Year we Make Kontakt stories that fit this challenge I think. Most of them I can't use as they are too photoshopped, or are vehicles I could never launch it into space.

For my first entry here's one from 2010.


Here's the original.


As for the points, I guess it's Contestant for 20 and Photoshop skills (various tweaks but also noise filter applied to add grain) for another 30, and then Interesting for 35 more.

So a total of 85.

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